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  1. Default Louisville,KY to Sacramento,CA? Triptik vs Google/advice

    I am from Canada and have not seen much of the Western States.
    My son who is in Louisville will be flying to Sacramento in late June to take up a new job ,leaving us with the prospect of driving his car from Louisville to Sacramento to help him move.Also by driving,it saves the hassle of waiting for the pick-up and delivery of his car if sent by a trucking company.
    Triptik advised that trip takes 32.5 hours while Google says its about it is about 35 hours.
    My intention is to drive:
    Toronto fly to Louisville
    Louisville to Kansas City stop overnight-8.5 hours according to the longer Google times
    Kansas city to North Platte or Sidney NE again similar time(I-80)
    Sidney to Salt Lake City (I-80) similar time
    Salt Lake city to Sacramento 10 hours
    Fly home to toronto

    Thanks for any comments

    Are there any interesting sites along the way to break up this journey,must see etc?
    First time ever to drive this long way.

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    Default neither, but it doesn't matter

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    In real world travel times, neither of those estimates are realistic. They both fail to account for even the most basic of delays, slowdowns, and required stops for fuel, rest, etc. To get the travel times that AAA is estimating, you'd have to be doing at least 85 mph for every minute you are on the interstate. Realistically, you're looking at about 40 hours of travel time.

    But far more importantly, that's really not an important or relevant number. Its a distance that is measured in days, not hours. The good news is that it looks like you've got a good plan. Again, the drive time estimates are a little on the low side, especially that last day which is going to be at least a 12 hour trip. SLC to Sacramento is a pretty long day to finish off a long trip like this, you might look at trying to get a bit farther on your other legs, making stops in St. Joe MO, Cheyenne WY, and West Wendover NV. Each of those days should be right around 9-10 hours on the road, and there are plenty of motels in each of those cities.

    You won't have time for any serious detours, but there are lots of easy places to stop and explore to provide a nice break from the road. Here are some excellent ideas, and of course, be sure to check out the RTA Map Center for even more possibilities.

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