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    Default LA-Vegas-Grand Canyon-Monument Valley-Albuquerque in June

    Myself, my wife and our daughter are planning a road trip this July. We plan on driving LA-Vegas-Grand Canyon-Monument Valley-Albuquerque.

    Do anyone have any tips on what to experience between our stops?

    Did a road trip of the South last year, but this will be our first time in the west.

    Andre from Norway

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    You will find a lot of info throughout the RTA forums and Roadtrip planning pages above as it is a very popular topic. You don't mention how much time you have available for your trip and that will determine how far you can 'wander'. Joshua tree NP, Mojave preserve, Death Valley, Route 66 detours, Walnut Canyon, Sunset Crater, Canyon De Chelley, Mesa Verde, Four Corners, are just a few possible places of interest with many more a little further away like Zion and Bryce canyon NP's in Southern Utah, Lake Powell and Antelope canyon near Page AZ.

    Have a look around and see what appeals and what may be possible within your time frame and then we can help fill in the blanks.

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    I'd stop at Joshua Tree. That's pretty much on the way if I recall correctly. I've been to Walnut Canyon, Canyon de Chelly and Mesa Verde, also, and enjoyed all of them. Mesa Verde is a standout, above the fold, headline story kinda place. The others are very interesting, but smaller, more intimate, a little less well-known and traveled. A stop at any of them could be fun. If you only have time for one make it Mesa Verde.

    I'd consider adding Santa Fe as your end-point instead of Albuquerque if you haven't already been there. It's a great slice of the historic and artistic Southwest. It's been a long time since I've been to Albuquerque, but as I recall it, it's a bigger city with more of the things that you could find in any bigger city whereas Sante Fe is a little more unique.

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    Default tnx guys :)

    Thanks for great tips guys :)

    We are flying back to EWR from Albuquerque, although I would love to visit Santa Fe.
    We will definitely make a stop at Joshua Tree.
    Death Valley sounds good, although the temperatures during mid July might be high?
    Route 66 detours is something I would love to do.

    Maybe even a helicopter tour of the Gran Canyon? Anyone ever tied this?


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    Death Valley sounds good, although the temperatures during mid July might be high
    It will definitely be hot ! However you can still enjoy this amazing landscape driving through and making a couple of stops on the way. If you do go carry plenty of water and wear sun protection. If you have decided on Joshua tree it is more of a detour between LA and Vegas.

    Route 66 detours is something I would love to do.
    From Joshua tree to LV you could go through the old 66 town of Amboy and through the Mojave preserve. A popular section between LV and GC is from Kingman through Seligman to Ash fork and then you could take a small detour through Williams. Another section runs from Needles to Kingman through Oatman where Burros still roam the streets.

    Maybe even a helicopter tour of the Gran Canyon? Anyone ever tied this?
    Most tours from Vegas go to the West rim located on Indian lands and not in the National park area where aircraft can not land. The Grand canyon airport is located in Tusayan and from there you can take a flight over the Grand canyon. We took a 50 min flight that went from the South rim, over the Painted desert to the North rim and back. It is a memory that we will cherish for ever, a fantastic experience !! We used a company called Papillon Helicopters.

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    I just checked out Papillon Helicopters websie and the cost aint that bad, $199. It is now on my to do list :)

    We will just load up the car with water and sun screen. Sounds great. Is there any special sights in Death Valley worth a stop? And the Route 66 detour is a must do. Can't wait to get home from work so I can start playing with alternate routes on google maps :)

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    The drive itself is rewarding, but if you enter the park from the West on 190 [or you could use the 178 from Ridgecrest to the Trona Wildrose Road and along the Panamint range] to Panamint Springs and Stovepipe Wells you will get a great view of the sand dunes. Next up is Furnace creek which is a good place to stop for refreshents and look around the museum etc. From here you could take a diversion to Badwater which is the lowest point in the whole of the US. On the way back 'Artists drive' is a possible detour. Back on 190 and you have a viewpoint from Zabriskie point which is a short walk from the parking area. You then come to Death valley junction and if you go across 127 to State line/Ash meadows Rd it will take you into Pahrump and then 160 to Vegas. The National parks page has lots of info including these map links.

    To start taking the detours and have time to look around you would need an overnight stop, to drive through on 190 with short stops will be a full day on the road so get an early start out of LA.

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