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    Hey guys I'm new to these forums. I'm planning a roadtrip this May from New York to Miami FL. We plan on about a 7-10 day trip including travel time. It will be my brother and I, but maybe my cousin as well. So definitely at least 2 guys, possibly 3. Our goal is to get down to Miami the quickest way possible. Not much sight seeing, just driving on 95. Any advice on the route we should take? I know I95 is the most direct route, but at some point we will probably want a short break from 95. Whats a good, fast scenic route aside from 95 thats not a huge deviation?

    I figure this breakdown: (the straight 95 route)

    1. We drive from NYC to Richmond VA- around 6 hours-we take a short break.

    2. We drive from Richmond VA to SC- about 4-5 hours- We take a short break.

    3. We drive from SC to Jacksonville FL- about 5-6 hours- another short break.

    4. Final stretch from Jacksonville to Miami- 5-6 hours.

    Total driving time would be around 22 hours depending on traffic/how fast we drive, and how long our breaks are.

    Would you suggest staying one night in a hotel? I think between the two of us (the third guy will not drive) we could just take turns driving overnight.

    We plan on taking our Volvo XC90 with 170,000 miles and a just rebuilt transmission, but that might not be the smartest idea. We're all 19, so we can't really rent a car. Maybe my parent can rent for us, and put our names as other drivers?

    With a few days in Miami staying at the cheapest hotels we can find for 3 nights, and all other travel costs, we estimate around $1000 or so. What do you guys think?

    Thanks. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I wouldn't just suggest one night in a hotel, I'd say it is mandatory, unless the words "Reckless Homicide" sound appealing to you. Frankly, even just one overnight stop is pushing things to the limit. You can not safely drive this distance non-stop with 2 drivers, period.

    Your travel time estimates are only as good as the virtual world in which a computer calculated them. In the real world, your trip will take significantly more time, especially on the always jam packed I-95. If you make it in under 25 total hours of on the road time, it would be impressive.

    Renting a car is not an option (at least not without paying a $50 per day surcharge). Even if someone else rents the car, you'd have to be listed as an authorized driver, and being under 21, that will not be allowed. Driving a rental without being listed as a driver is basically the same as driving a stolen car. So making sure your car has a very complete inspection before you leave will be a very good idea.

    $1000 seems like it would be in the ballpark for a week long trip, but you'll have to keep a pretty close eye on your budget, as that could be swallowed up pretty quickly if you aren't careful.

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    Thanks Michael. Yeah now that I think about it a straight drive down would be unrealistic and dangerous as you said. Renting a car is now out of the question, and I will definitely get a full mechanical inspection of my car before the trip. I guess google maps really underestimates the driving times. I know reallisticly it would take us 25-27 hours or more for each way.

    After all this, we're really starting to reconsider taking this trip. We want to compare the $1000 or so for this weeklong roadtrip with a possible vacation package including hotel and flight. I'm looking at those cheap vacation deals online for around 4-5 nights. Maybe I can find a deal for around $1000. I don't know, I could be way off. I'm gonna do some research now.

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    I know this is a road trip forum, but it sounds to me like you don't really want to take a road trip - you just want to go to Miami for a few days! In that case, find a fly/hotel package.

    Another option would be Amtrak.

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