Hi, how are you?

I always read the forum but i really dont post much.

I am going to do a road trip starting in june and would really need advice as there will be like 2 different road trips.

The first one i will start in Orlando and need to return to Orlando, i have about 22, max 27 days and i want to go to Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky , South Carolina and some parts of Alabama.

I would really appreciate any tips for sighseeing, etc, i want to say i am From Argentina, Buenos aires and i like country music so i want to go to Nashville..

Then after i return to Orlando, i am going to San Diego, this is where i dont know how much time i would need, etc, i want to go to N.Orleans, some parts of Texas and then not much more as i already been to the Grand Canyon and some other areas that way.

Maybe it would be a better trip if i go through Colorado even if it is longer?

Well, any help is appreciated