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  1. Default Bryce+Zion, redwoods and San Fransisco with children

    We are a Swedish family consisting of two adults and two children 5 and 6 years old. We are planning taking a vacation this summer and would like to visit: Bryce canyon, Zion national park, possibly Yosemite and than San Fransisco (and around there see redwoods!) and some part south of SF spending some time along the coast. We thinking of flying either to Las Vegas or Salt Lake City and fly back from San Fransisco. The trip would be between 2.5 -3 weeks long and what we want to do is some hiking and camping (we want to spend at least two days in both Bryce and Zion) but also spend a few days at some nice place along the coast relaxing. Can you give us any suggestions, especially about which way to go from Bryce to SF. Would it take much more time going over the mountains that by Las Vegas? Or is this to ambitious given the time we have? Sorry if this is an issue that has been raised many times before but searching the forum I could not find really what we was looking for. Thanks!

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    To save some money on airfares and to avoid a "one way" dropoff charge on a rental car, I'd consider a "loop" trip based out of Los Angeles. From there, you could go to the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Zion, Las Vegas, Death Valley, Yosemite, Redwoods, San Francisco, then down the coast highway back to LA. I think you should have enough time to do this.

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    Default Good start!

    Some quick thoughts, more probably later.

    The kids will likely enjoy the Monterey Bay aquarium (adults probably will too).

    The heart of redwood country is a half a day's drive north of San Francisco, but there is a very nice grove of redwoods in Muir Woods state park across the Golden Gate Bridge and a few miles off 101. There are also redwoods in Big Sur state park, along CA 1 south of Monterey/Carmel.

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    Thanks for the answers!
    W Our thought was to skip LasVegas and stay a bit further up north. This to be able to take a more relaxed trip since we don't want to rush over the national parks and have time for hiking and so. Also, we would like ti minimize the time spent in the car. That is why I wonder a bit of how to go over the mountains from Bryce/Zion to SF.

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    Oh, I forgot to say that we are actually flying from Chicago since we live there temporary. So the air fare doesn't seem to differ so much if we chose different destinations for arrival and departure.

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    From Bryce to Zion just head on UT 12 to US 89 to UT9 and through the Mount Carmel tunnel to Zion. To Yosemite you have options, but it will depend on if you want to make a few stops and sight see or go s direct as possible. You could for instance go down towards Vegas and across Death valley to 395 and North to Mono lake and the Tioga pass into Yosemite [CA120].
    Alternatively you could head to Cedar City and towards Caliente [Cathedral Gorge State park, Nr Panaca ?] and up the 'ET highway' [NV 375] to US6 and Tonopah and to CA120 at Benton, past Benton Hot springs to Mono lake and Tioga pass.

    Have a look at your other options by way of the Map Centre and once you have worked out what appeals and fits your time frame, let us know and we can help to 'fine tune' your trip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aeklof View Post
    So the air fare doesn't seem to differ so much if we chose different destinations for arrival and departure.
    The airfare may not differ that much, but the one-way dropoff fee for a car can be a few hundred dollars.

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