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    I am taking my kids on a road trip over spring break to go visit my mom (grandma) in Vegas for the week. I drove to Vegas many years ago and we drove through the southern states and made a stop by the Grand Canyon on the way. I would love to take the same route so that my kids can see the Grand Canyon too but I am not sure what route that was? Is there any other route that may be quicker that has attractions that my kids could see? I know when we took the route down south a while back it took 2 days to get to Vegas and I would like to keep it at about 2-3 days travel time so we have time to visit and enjoy. Any suggestons, comments, or ideas on routes and/or attractions is greatly appreciated. My kids are 10 boy and 5 girl if that helps with attractions. Any other info you can offer me is welcome, thanks!

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    Default Too many miles per day


    If you want to see the Grand Canyon, this has to be a 4 day trip. I-55/I-44/I-40. Overnights in Joplin, Santa Rosa, and at the GC itself (Tusayan?). I don't see how you made it from Chicago to Las Vegas in 2 days on that route unless you drove for 16+ hours a day. If you must make it in 3 days, take I-80/I-76/I-15 and skip the GC. Overnights in Grand Island and Glenwood Springs.

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    I agree with the above, even with 3 days by the most direct route, I80/76/70/15 it's going to be pretty miserable for the Kid's. As it is they will be cooped up in the car for 10 hours a day with only time for short stops and that could have the effect of putting them off road trips for life ! [kinda kidding, but you get the picture Lol] This thread has a list of places close to the Interstate where they will be able to let off a little steam, if you can't find 4 or 5 days for the trip and make it enjoyable, I would consider flying out and having fun day's out from Vegas.

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    I just have to add on that doing Chicago to Vegas in 2 days is simply not safe, even with 2 drivers. You literally would be putting your kids lives in danger at that pace. A professional driver would be required to take 3 full days for this trip, and truckers certainly aren't taking time out for fun stops to keep kids from wanting to kill each other.

    3 days is the bare minimum for this trip to be done safely, and really at least 4 days are needed if you want to have fun and stop at places like the Grand Canyon or any of the many other national parks and attractions that are along the way.

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    Thanks everyone for the great input. I am not sure how we made it in 2 days either it was just me and my mom driving. It was so long ago though that I could be wrong maybe it was 3 days but I know it was not 4 and we left early in the morning and drove till late in the evening then stopped and slept and back at it again in the morning. We werent at the Grand Canyon long but it is one of those things that you have to be able to say you have seen and I would love that for my kids. Although any other attraction is just as good to my kids since this will be the first trip this far from home and for more then a few hours in the car so new sites will be interesting for them. I have tried to mapquest directions from Chicago to Vegas and it has me driving right through the middle of the US which seems to be the quickest but not sure what sites there are along that stretch. Thanks again!

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    Along the fastest route, the stretch of I-70 between Denver and Utah is very scenic all by itself. If you are looking for scenic national parks along that route, there's Arches and Canyonlands near Moab, and Bryce Canyon and Zion as you get closer to Las Vegas. However, trying to fit any of them in on a 3 day trip is still pushing it too hard.

    Why not pack Grandma in the car for a day trip while you are out in LV? There's several attractions within a day trip radius of LV.

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