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  1. Default Planning roadtrip from new orleans to new york, looking for help en info!

    Hi all!

    I'm Suzie 27 years old and i live in Amsterdam the Netherlands.

    I've already booked my plane ticket from Amsterdam to New Orleans and return from New York to Amsterdam.
    I'm traveling with my boyfriend.
    Our trip will be from 26th of May 2011 till 20th of June 2011.

    We want to start in New Orleans drive North to Nashville, fly east to Savannah and then drive all the way up to New York.

    I'm looking for tips and tricks, how to go about this.
    What are the must sees? The must do's and of course the No No's!

    Thing that are set are the days that we'll fly on. The rest is still open.

    Once we decided on the route, we're going to reserve car rental on line and hotels in New Orleans and New York. The rest we'll just do with motels without reservations

    I've this romantic idea of road trip sights like the largest ball of twine, the potato that is shaped like Justin Bieber, the moutain that looks like Maria, etc.

    Looking forward to hear about your experiences, they will be much appreciated!

    Best regards,


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Is there a reason you are flying from Nashville to Savannah? That one move is going to dramatically increase your travel costs - as you'll have 2 one-way drop fees on the rental car, plus neither Nashville or Savannah are major hubs so you'll likely see high airfare with a layover required somewhere enroute.

    Instead, you could simply drive between the two points. It would be a one day drive (8-10 hours) if you go the most direct route via Atlanta - or even better you could make the trip via the Smokey Mountains. Since you have nearly a month for your whole trip, you should easily have time to do the whole trip "on the road."

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    No reason at all. I just thought the flight would make things easier. Because first we're going North and then we want to continue our trip from Savannah which is more south east.

    Keep in mind, that i'm European and because we Europeans don't drive that much, we first think about flying. :-) For us it makes more sense.

    But you say that most likely we'd would have a layover. So to fly there, would take me more or less 4-5 hours. And driving would be 8-10.
    Then i think your option would be far better. We do have almost a month!

    Do you now any website were i can see the road rules of America by state? What the max speed limed is on highways and off the main roads?
    I already saw something about 55mph. In Holland we're used to 75 mph (120 km). So we need to be careful with our speed.
    And what about gas prices? Is there a website were i can look up cheap gas prices along our route?

    Any tips for sights? or scenic routes?
    We have watched all episodes of Man vs. Food so i think we can find all US best diners!

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    Just doing a quick look, it appears all the flights would be 3-4 hours, with a stop in Atlanta or Charlotte, but I'd say the bigger thing is the cost savings, and even more importantly, all the things you could see in the Mountains of Tennessee and the Carolinas.

    55mph is typical for 2 lane rural highways. Most places in the east will have a 65 or 70 mph speed limit on Interstate Freeways. Those numbers jump up to 70-75 in most places out west where there is less traffic and more open space. There will always be signs saying what the limits are, and typically you won't be hassled for doing 5 over, but of course, any time you are speeding you do run the risk of being pulled over. Most traffic laws are consistent by state and other than maybe "right turn allowed on red light" I can't think of anything that should surprise you.

    Check out our Fuel Cost Calculator for some sample gas prices - of course they've been soaring in recent weeks and its quite likely you'll see $4 a gallon by the time your trip starts.

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    Ah ha, now i understand.

    The drop off costs for a one way rental are in between the 250-750 dollars.

    De choice has been made, we are going to drive the whole way!

    Thanks this will save a lot. And lots of extra scenery to take in.

    Is it cheaper to rent a stick gear, or do most of the rental companies only have automatics?

    Any experience with National car rental?
    I have seem to have find a great deal with only 250 one way fee. And a total of 784 dollars for the whole period.

    Tips for great must sees alongside this route, will still be much appreciated!

    Thank you very much for all your help so far Michael!

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    I haven't seen a manual transmission rental car here in many years. Even the cheapest economy cars have automatics. National is a reputable company.

    There will not be a significant difference in gas prices anywhere you will be - right now, the range along your route is $3.00 to $3.50 per US gallon (3.785 liters) but this will probably be higher when you are here. The lowest prices will be near the larger cities and towns, but downtown stations can be on the high side. You will almost always see price signs at every station easily visible from the street.

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    We reserved a car with National.

    We have the car for 3 weeks, and can drop it off in New York. all for 750 euros, that's about 1000 dollars.

    Happy happy, now the real planning can begin.

    It's so strange, in europe everybody drives a manual. So i have no clue what to do with an automatic. hopefully somebody at the rental pick up, can instruct us!!

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    You put your right foot on the brake, move the shift lever from Park to Drive - and away you go! It is very easy, really the only thing you need to remember is not to rest your left foot on the brake - thinking it is the clutch.

    There are very few manuals even available to purchase in the US anymore. Generally you have to get a truck or a base model car with no extras before it will even be sold with a stick shift. Some of that is because of government/pollution regulations, but much of it is a cycle - since so few cars are available with a manual, fewer people are learning how to drive with a clutch, and with fewer people knowing how to drive them, the demand for them drops even more.

    It is very frustrating for those of us who like driving with a manual....

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    but for the Environment, its better to drive with stick shift. And also you use less gas for the same mileage.
    If you have a automatic car in Holland, you pay higher taxes because of the pollution.

    At least, thats what they tell us here in Europe.

    Of course driving automatic shouldn't be hard. Just strange that i wont have to use the stick.
    U only use park and drive? And you can only switch when your foot is on the brake?

    I like to drive with a stick, it keeps you busy on the road!

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    It won't take long to get use to the Auto. When making a manoeuvre, such as parking where you might have to reverse, then yes, use the foot brake before selecting gear and the same when setting off. You have Park, Reverse, Neutral and Drive. You will go through Neutral between forward and reverse. You can also select a lower gear [1, 2, 3 ]while on the move when needed. This would be beneficial when coming down a steep gradient, to let the engine assist with the braking and not to burn the brakes out, and going up a long steep climb, you can select a lower gear to stop it changing up unnecessarily and then 'kicking down' again repeatedly. It really isn't that complicated, just like changing down in a manual but without a clutch.
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