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    Hello - great forum. We have 6 days in Mid March in which we would like to see some of the NP's and spend some time in Las Vegas. We arrive into LAX early on day 1 but have no intention of staying in LAX. We fly down to Orlando on the 7th day and plan on flying from LAS (however we could change this and fly out of LAX if that meant we could do a 'loop').

    We HAVE to do Death Valley, Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon (we were thinking of a helicopter trip over the GC/Hoover Dam from LAS..what're you're thoughts on that?), will we have time to do Bryce and Zion or are we dreaming? We have a 6 year old with us too so we won't be doing any trekking!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I think you should be alright with 6 days.

    As you've got it currently laid out, I think your best bet would probably be to go from LAX to Death Valley, then over to Zion and Bryce (going through Vegas, but probably not stopping the first time), down to Grand Canyon South Rim, and back to Vegas via Hoover Dam. That's going to be fairly quick, and perhaps you'd only do Zion and not Bryce to give yourself a bit more time, but it should work.

    If you want to see the Canyon from the air, I'd recommend doing it from the Grand Canyon airport rather than Vegas - Tours from Vegas almost always fly over the "West Rim" which is not quite the same as going over the National Park.

    If you want to do a loop, you could stop in Vegas between Death Valley and Zion, and then head directly back to LA from the Grand Canyon.

    Having said all of that I do one potential big problem. It sounds like you are arriving on an international flight, in which case, trying to hit the road right when you get to LA could be a bad idea. You'd be looking at about a dozen hours in the air, plus when you add in security, customs, baggage, car rental, you could easily have been traveling or 20 or more hours before you even get on the road. Throw in the jetlag from your body thinking that it should be early evening (? depending upon where home is) and trying to navigate LA highways really could be a dangerous battle with exhaustion. If that is your plan, you might consider flying to Vegas from LA, and spend your first night in Vegas where you can take it easy - see things if you are up to it, but also be able just to relax and let your body catch up without being cornered into being out on a highway.

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