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  1. Default San francisco - Yosemite- Las Vegas - Grand canyon


    I have plan to visit the west coast this year.. Our plan will start from San Francisco -Yosemite - Las vegas and Grand canyon. I really need some advice about the route and where to stay in Yosemite NP. And the route to enter to grand canyon...

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Your basic trip outline is far and away the most discussed route on this forum, so let me first start by encouraging you to spend a little time looking around and viewing some of the thousands of other posts filled with ideas and suggestions.

    For where to stay in Yosemite, that's going to depend upon your budget, how you are traveling, what's available, etc. We just don't know enough to tell you much right now.

    For the Grand Canyon, the most direct route from Las Vegas to the South Rim is to go down to I-40 via the hoover dam, over to Williams, and then north.

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    Default More info.

    Welcome, we need some help, to help you !

    The time of year that you travel and how long you have for your trip will also play part in your routing, the more you tell us the more we can help. "The route" could be one of several options.

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    Our Plan... We will Travel from May 27 - June 5

    May 27- NYC - LA we will be there by midnight as i checked the flight but some of us will be
    there in the afternoon to pick up the car . We drive from LA to Sanfran at night.

    May 28-29 : San francisco

    MAy 30 : Leave Sanfran early to Yosemite

    May 31 : Yosemite -Las vegas

    June 1 : Las vegas

    June 2 : Las vegas - grand canyon - Las vegas

    June 3 : Las vegas - LA

    June 4 : LA

    June 5 : Our flight is 7.30 in the morning

    Can you recommend the place or area to stay in San francisco, LA Las vegas?

    We was thinking to rent the car from San francisco and drop the car of in LA but they charge us double..:(

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    You need to rework your trip to the Grand Canyon. It is simply too far from Vegas to drive there and back in one day and have time to see anything. Its a minimum of 11 hours, and that's before you deal with the traffic etc getting into and around the Canyon.

    It would make much more sense to drive there from Vegas, spend the night, and then make your way directly back to LA (saving you a couple hours of driving vs backtracking north to Vegas.)

    The one tricky part about your plan is Yosemite to Vegas. Tioga Pass through Yosemite typically opens in late may or early june, so it's 50/50 if that will be an option for you. If not, you'll have to go around via Bakersfield.

    I'm also a bit puzzled and concerned by your day 1 plan. Your flight arrives at LAX at midnight to start day one or to end it? And what time are you thinking of hitting the road? It's about a 7 hour drive before you factor in the constant LA traffic. If you were thinking of leaving in the late afternoon (4 or 5) it could very easily be 2am by the time you reach SF. If you're not thinking of leaving until later, that's even more concerning, especially if you are coming off a flight where your body is already going to think it is 3 hours later than the clock says.

    I'd also shop around for your rental car. A one way drop fee is typical, however, it is often waived for trips within California. Even if you had one, it shouldn't be that expensive, and for it to double the rental cost is very unusual. My guess is that you only looked at a company that really doesn't like doing one way rentals (Enterprise for example is usually pretty cheap for in-towns, but very expensive on one ways). I really think you need to expand your search there.

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    Default Bad start.

    Yes, the flight to LA and drive to SF is a concern and if it as I think it is, would be a waste of time as you wouldn't be 'fit for purpose' on arrival in SF. You would spend most of the day sleeping, put your body clocks out and set yourself up for a pretty miserable time. The time and effort to do this would be worth the extra dollars to fly direct into SF, although I am sure you could find a better deal than the 'double charge' for one way drop off.

    If this isn't possible I would have a re-think. You are driving on Interstate in the dark while by passing a spectacular coastal drive on CA 1. You will then only have a matter of a few hours in Yosemite before a long drive to Vegas. You can't see GC in a day from Vegas unless you take a tour, if you take a tour you will not see the Grand canyon NP in most cases, they go to Indian lands at the West rim that won't offer the famous views seen the world over through photography. In my opinion you would be better staying a night in GC and then heading direct to LA from there and save the extra miles of going back to Vegas.

    A flight into SF would help an awful lot, if not I would consider doing a loop from LA that takes you to the Grand canyon and perhaps through Page to Bryce canyon and Zion and back through Vegas to LA.

    Mmm, Having re-read your post, why can't you fly to SF? The people who are picking up the car in the afternoon in LA could drive to SFO, and meet you at San Francisco airport.

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