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  1. Default Photographic road trip from Florida to Long Island, NY

    Hi we are planning a roadtrip vacation and we would like to travel somewhat inland instead of the very boring I-95 straight through to NY. We would like to do some of the mountainous areas and take some great pictures, (waterfalls, caves etc).we are into photography and want to take some awesome pics. Any ideas will be appreciated.

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    Default No Shortage of Scenery

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    The obvious thing to do is to follow those highways which have been designated scenic byways, and then even wander off those. Some of the ones on your general route would include the Savannah River Scenic Byway, the Cherokee Foothills Scenic Highway, the Forest Heritage National Scenic Byway, of course the Blue Ridge Parkway, Skyline Drive, and the Delaware River Scenic Byway.

    On the other hand, using many of these roads instead of I-95 will greatly increase your travel time from a couple of days to at least 3 or 4, or as many as you can afford.


  3. Default Florida to New York by way of the Mountains

    Hi my husband and I would like to photograph the sites on our trip up north. Instead of the very boring I-95 up we've done that several times. We would like to take our time and stop somewhere everyday for 3-4 hours. Get an early start each day do a few hours driving then stop and see the sights for a few hours then get on the road again for a few hours stop for the night and then start all over again. Taking our time going up. We need suggestions as to where to stop and things to see. Is anybody out there who has done something similar. Hubby is a recent graduate of Photography school and wants to take lots of pics. We appreciate any advice or suggestions.
    Thanks alot,

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    Sort of vague on your time and desire for 'inland', but here is my 50cts on NC, as we have lived in the 5,000 ft mtns on eastern edge of the Smokies, for 10 years:
    true 'western NC' is Asheville and west, (very inland), but the BR Pkway, Cherohala Skyway and almost every 2 lane blacktop road along the western edge of NC are spectacular drives with vistas, and terrific photo ops, imo.
    BRPkway links I like:

    pdf map of BRPkway, keeping in mind the map is vertical in format, but the Parkway really runs mostly NE through NC, then more northerly in VA:

    One could spend a week plus just chugging along the BRPkway, (we have done that many times both in a car and on m'cycles), and there are interesting little towns down off the parkway. BRPkway has almost zero services, but 'crossing roads' lead down to gas, food and towns.

    The OP didn't mention time of year either; that would be helpful for more specific advice.

    Also, Shenandoah Parkway is worth a run, parallel to Skyline Dr, (Skyline drive being the northern third of BRPkway, with less elevation):

    I would also rec'd GOOG'ng any state for your desired areas, eg VA waterfalls, et al: lots of stuff on the net.

    If your husband is into 'better light' for photography, I rec'd early starts with close access to interesting areas, then driving during midday with lunch and tourist stuff, and then late afternoon shooting as sun gets lower; midday photography for 'scenes & vistas' is not the deal, imo.

    Some more info from the OP on when, and 'trip time allowed' would be helpful.

    We did the NC to NY run for 2 years building a house, and there is an amazing amount of things to see, shoot and do between those 7 states of travelling.
    GL, mD

    Some views from the deck at our Mtn Home, at 5,000 ft elevation, overlooking Waynesville, NC.

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