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  1. Default Solo May adventure! Lansing, MI --> Medford, OR

    Planning a road trip from Lansing, MI to Medford, OR in May!! It'll be just me and my dog (corgi) and is essentially a "speed run" with several breaks and at least one 5-6hr break for sleep. Road time is approximately 38hrs.
    It's my longest RT and first going westward; however, I have often traveled the 16hr trip to Mobile, AL straight through without issue.

    Any suggestions on safe neat places to stop and stretch the legs? Any tips on anything I should expect, watch for or anything would be greatly appreciated!

    Much thanks from a fellow and future road warrior!!

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    Default One is Not Two (or Three, or Four)

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    I know lots of people, even at my relatively advanced age, who run the occasional Marathon, I know of nobody of any age who does that, gets a few hours of sleep, and then runs another one. Your plan is simply not going to work. Even using Speed Run techniques, Lansing to Medford's 2400 miles are going to require an absolute minimum of three grueling days, with no short breaks to stretch your legs, relax your mind or anything else. If you want any assurance that you will arrive safe and sound, and not kill anyone on the way, you need to allow four days for this trip. Just because you have driven 16 hours once, does NOT mean that you can drive 36.


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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    One things you'll find here is that there are lots of road warriors - and the first recommendation you'll always find from them is the importance of safe travel, and that certainly includes the way too often underrespected element of sleep.

    The trip you are talking about is 2400 miles. Only in a computer generated fantasy world could you cover that distance in 38 hours (as you'll get from pretty much any online program) - in the real world, the best case would be 42 hours (and thats not with things like a dog that will slow you down more).

    However, that really is a rather pointless discussion. A trip like this needs to be measured in days not hours. Talking about only stopping for "at least one 5-6hr break for sleep" is a recipe for a homicide. A professional driver would be required to stop at least 3 times for a full overnight sleep, I can't say strongly enough that it is extremely reckless to try to do it in much less time than that.

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