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  1. Default Another Grand Canyon Trip (from Seattle)

    I'm trying to plan a trip from Seattle to the Grand Canyon and back, hoping to catch Vegas and Yosemite along the way. Its during spring break, leaving the 19th and getting back on the 28th. Would like to do some camping, but I'm not sure the climate will allow it.

    Here's what I'm thinking so far:
    Day 1: Leave home early. Stop in Baker City Oregon or Boise, ID?
    Day 2: Arrive in Salt Lake City UT
    Day 3: Arrive in Arizona
    Day 4: Spend exploring, stay in Arizona again.
    Day 5: Arrive in Vegas
    Day 6: Stay outside of Yosemite
    Day 7: Drive through Yosemite, stay in Redding.
    Day 8: Redding to Seattle

    or reverse. Anyway to spread the driving hours a little more evenly while still going to those 3 destinations? I know a couple days are pretty long (I should say that the last trip I took was from seattle to san diego and back in 5 days and the last day we drove from Eureka, CA back to Seattle. It wasn't exactly pleasant, but I'd be willing to do one or two 10+ hour days if necessary) Should I scrap Yosemite and go to Reno instead of Vegas to save time? Will it be too cold to camp? Hoping to find fairly well populated campgrounds to camp in, any suggestions? What seasonal closures do I need to be worried about?

    There's three of us, and we're trying to keep a pretty tight budget.
    Any input would be great
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    Default Looks good.

    Your plan is basically well laid out, reasonably comfortable and quite 'doable'. If you get a reasonably early start on day 1, Boise would make a good 'target' to get you into your trip and your last day from Redding is going to be a long one, 11-12 hours with short stops and lunch etc.

    You will not be able to get across the Sierra's into Yosemite and will have to go South via Bakersfield. You could go from Vegas across Death valley to 395 and up to Reno, but you wouldn't be saving much travel time. To get to Reno from the South rim of the Grand canyon would take you right through Vegas anyway. ## The North rim will still be closed when you travel##.

    You would need some substantial camping gear, places at elevation, such as Bryce can see night time temps well below freezing and below freezing is 'normal' for the South rim.

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    Thanks for your input. For budgetary reasons we're postponing the trip until June. Plus then the weather will probably be better for camping.

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    Everything should be open in June, that will widen your options quite a bit. You will also have to deal with more crowds and I'd bet that the popular campgrounds are already booked up.

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