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    Default Honeymoon road trip. Dallas to Orlando

    Hi everyone.Greetings from Ireland! First time poster and hoping you guys can help.

    Myself and my fiance are in the process of planning our honeymoon in September/October this year. We're arriving into Dallas and will be making a road trip to Orlando before flying home via New York.

    Just wanted to get an idea of what places are worth a visit. We think New Orleans is unmissable and my fiance is keen on seeing Jackson MI. We're both interested in history so if you know anywhere that has any relevance to that would be great. We also like music so I guess New Orleans takes care of that but if you know of anywhere else would be a great help. I love sport so any stadiums worth a visit? Superbowl stadium in Texas looked very impressive! We also think a couple of days in Disneyworld is worthwile.

    We arrive on the 26th September and have to leave Orlando on the 6th October.

    Thanks for your help in advance

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    Default Odd, But It Works

    Céad Míle Fáilte! Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    I'm not sure why Jackson, MS is on your list, but it does make it easy to recommend some historic sites and scenic routes on the way to New Orleans. Taking I-20 out of Dallas will take you right through Vicksburg, MS which is the location of one of the pivotal battlefields of our Civil War as well as some lovely antebellum plantations. From Jackson a drive down the Natchez Trace Parkway to Natchez (more stately mansions) is in order. Today the Natchez Trace is a beautiful two lane parkway, but back in the days before steam, it was the route boatmen would take back up into the Ohio Valley after floating their goods down river on barges and selling everything, including the barge's planking, in New Orleans. Next heading east from New Orleans, take a look at the Gulf Islands National Seashore, Mobile Bay, perhaps a slight detour to visit Okefenokee Swamp, and a tour of Cape Kennedy Spaceport on your way to Orlando.


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    Go raibh maith agat! Thanks for the info AZBuck. Jackson is a complete random entry to be honest. We've just heard of it and thought might be worth a visit. Natchez looks like an amazing place.

    We're not tied down to the Southern states completly as no flights have been booked yet but we do want to end our trip in NY so if anyone has any other suggestions for a completly different trip would be much appreciated. The only thing is I've already driven west coast and mid west before so wanted somewhere different. Cheers for help!

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    Default History

    Tá fáilte romhat. Is there a particular era or theme in history that interests you?


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    I have a broad interest in history but I'd say the two main eras would be the civil war and the civil rights movement. We'd like to visit any towns/areas that were pivitol in the fight for equality in the Southern States.

    Your suggestion about the Natchez Trace Parkway seems to be a definite.It looks to be the ideal for our "chill out, cruising" part of the trip! I found an amazing looking hotel called The Dunleith Inn in Natchez that's a great example of colonial architecture so that seems to be a good start!

    Also going to drop Jackson MS and probably go to either Memphis or Nashville. So trip will look something like this...

    Arrive in Houston now as flights are timed better from our stopover in Chicago.
    Houston - New Orleans - Natchez - 1 stop on Natchez Parkway - Memphis/Nashville - Montgomery - Orlando.
    If anyone has any other suggestions would be great. We have 10 days to complete this journey so hopefully Ive given ourselves enough time to enjoy it!

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    Default Alright, Then

    With your interests and your revised route, here are a few venues and roads to consider. Between Houston and New Orleans there is a set of scenic roads through the bayou country of southwestern Louisiana known as the Creole Nature Trail. , Although I'd still try to get to Vicksburg, if the section between Natchez and Memphis is meant to be a 'chill out' experience, consider taking the Natchez Trace all the way from Natchez up to Tupelo, MS (Elvis' birthplace) and then US-78 to Memphis. In Memphis, Beale Street is the traditional home of the music scene, and the old Sun Studios is where Elvis, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis and others got their start. Between Memphis and Nashville, US-64 and the Natchez Trace offer a reasonable alternative to I-40 and brings you close to one of the major Civil War battlefields, Shiloh. While Montgomery, AL has much to offer in the way of sites related to the civil rights movement, be sure to go to the nearby town of Selma for even more such history as well as the archaeological site, Old Cahawba.

    You're looking at about 4 days of driving to do all that, so you'll have plenty of time for some serious sight seeing on your journey.


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    Fantastic AZBuck thats brilliant advice. Thanks for your help. Delighted I came across this site now! Really looking forward to the trip.. I'll be sure to put up pictures when we get back


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    Default one way rentals

    Apologies is this has already been posted, I looked but couldn't find the info.

    Any ideas on the extra cost of one way rentals between TX and GA? We're flying into Houston and renting at the airport before returning the car almost 2 week later to Atlanta. The actual cost of rental is very reasonable but it's quite difficult to get specific info on cost of one way hire on any of the hire company sites. If anybody has any rough idea of costings or can point me to a car rental firm that has favourable prices for one way would be much appreciated
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    You are most likely to get the best rate by booking through a consolidator in your home country prior to departing.

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    There isn't going to be a single answer, because every car rental company handles one way rentals a little bit differently.

    Most of them add the drop off charge as an additional fee tacked on to daily rate. That will likely be a couple hundred dollars, but the price can change significantly between companies and their specific demand for vehicles in a specific area.

    However, there are some, like Hertz, who don't have an itemized drop fee, but will simply charge a higher base rate for one way rentals.

    If you go with a 3rd party company, as GLC suggests, it is likely it will just be a package price that you'll pay for, and he is correct that is often where you'll find the best deals.

    The best advice really is just to shop around, and if you have any questions, contact the rental company or agency directly.

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