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    Default 2nd Hand camping gear

    Hi! Im an Aussie planning on the big american roadtrip in June-August this year. We are planning on hiring a car and camping 75% of the time, with cheep hotels the other times.

    Is there a place in LA where you can get decent 2nd hand camping gear? We can get it all from Walmart or the equivalent for really cheep, but it feels wrong to buy NEW things when we can go 2nd hand and reduce a little waste. It also gives us somewhere to offload all the gear at the end of the trip.

    Any suggestions?

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    Default Used Outdoor Equipment

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Such stores are becoming more prevalent for two reasons. The first is the increased popularity of recycling that you state. The second is cost, used equipment is generally cheaper. What you want to do is look in the phone book (yellow pages) for 'Sports Equipment - Used' or similar categories. Just to give you an idea of what such stores will have on hand, you can check out the website for Play It Again Sports. That's not necessarily a recommendation, it's just the only national change that came to mind. Another category of shops which may have what you need are 'Army Navy Stores' or 'Military Surplus'. There really is no shortage of opportunities.


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    You could also look at Goodwill or Salvation Army stores. Those are both very good places to donate your gear when you are done with it.

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    yes, Salvation Army (or the equivalent) is a great idea for offloading, i would just like to get everything in one spot, rather than wasting our first couple of days in LA going to all the goodwill stores in the area :D

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    The problem is that its often difficult to do one stop shopping when it comes to any used item because what is available is going to be changing based on what comes in, and the conditions of those items could vary wildly.

    I'll tell you that a few items in my camping gear are used - mostly things I've picked up at rummage sales - but not much. In fact, when I usually see used things I'll take a look, but most of the time I pass for a few big reasons. First, it's very easy to abuse camping gear, so a lot of the things I see simply have reached the end of their real usable life. That's a problem that gets worse, since so much stuff is designed as disposable and not really designed for a long life. The other big factor is cost. Much of the time when I see a used item in good condition, it is priced so high that I could buy it new for just a few dollars more.

    I don't think your idea of looking for used camping gear is a bad one, and the "recycling" element of it is certainly laudable. I'd just be prepared for a little bit of disappointment, that even used sporting goods stores may not really have everything you want or need.

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