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    Hi Everyone,
    Hoping to be in Atlanta for a convention scheduled for Labor day weekend and I was thinking of extending my stay to see more of the east coast... any suggestions??
    already been to florida so I was thinking of the north east..
    maybe go NE through baltimore, Washington DC, philadelphia, boston, new york..then head back to Atlanta down the east to atlantic city.. charleston.. savannah.. to fly back to vegas..
    I'll have 10 days to do this road trip.. is it possible??? is it a good time to go??

    any suggestions would be greatly appreciated..


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    Default Go (Not Quite) as Far as You Can

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    One of the keys to having a great RoadTrip is to take the time to enjoy the places you're visiting, which is why the experienced RoadTrippers here almost universally caution against just slogging down mile after mile to get as far as one can. There are at least a couple of options for an east coast RoadTrip and what I would recommend you do is take a look at those and see if they meet your general needs, and then just start of on one route or the other. After about 4 days, drive over to the other route and work your way back south. It's as simple as that. If there were specific things you had in mind we can certainly help you, but that's as good a start as any. And September, after schools are back in session, is an excellent time to go.


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    Default What do you want?

    September is certainly a good time to make this trip. The tourist hot spots are just wrapping up their affairs from the summer, and places tend to not be as busy. At the same time, it's still warm enough to enjoy being outside and experiencing the different places you'll be traveling. Just visiting the cities you have listed could fill your time, so knowing what you are looking to experience would go a long way towards offering suggestions.

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