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    I will be taking a road trip with my parents two twenty year old sisters and two teenage brothers to New Mexico and are leaving the last part of January. We will be gone for ten days.
    Does anyone have any suggestions on places to see and things to do on the way? We like museums, GOOD FOOD, looking at nature and we also like the "world's biggest or best" attractions! Thanks for any help you can give!

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    Florida and New Mexico are both very large targets that could involve several different possible routes. The best place to stop will likely be to plug your route into the RTA Map Center, as that will bring up many attraction ideas along the way.

    I am curious about the logistics of your trip. 7 People is a lot of people for a single roadtrip, and 10 days isn't a lot of time. Depending upon your exact starting and ending points, you're going to need at least 3-4 days each way, and that's before you factor the extra travel time for being in such a large group.

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    Yes it is! Lol We are going to New Mexico for a singing engagment we have scheduled and so we only plan on being in New Mexico for two days. so its more of a "business" road trip than it is pleasure trip.
    Thanks for the suggestion about the RTA map center I will definitely use it!

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