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  1. Default MA to Florida road trip

    My husband and I are planning a road trip from MA to FL in summer for about 7-10 days. We have been to NY/NJ/DC/VA already so probably not going to spend too much time exploring that but we are very much interested in visiting smoky mountains and then couple of days in Florida.. Also, we will like to take chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel if possible.. we will like to visit beaches, mountains, woods.. anything close to nature!

    My questions are

    -Is 7-10 days enough for a road trip with as much sight seeing as possible?
    - Any places that are must visit along the way from mass to florida?
    - Roughly ideas for the cost of fuel? we have toyota camry 2005 (about 28-30mpg)
    -This is our first trip.. anything and everything that we should know?

    I will highly apprecaite your help.

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    7 to 10 days is plenty for a leisurely one way road trip, but for a round trip I'd use all 10 days. Boston to Miami is 3 full days via I-95. You may have time to take the inland route home through the Smokies and Blue Ridge. I don't think you could efficiently take the CBBT and see the beaches *AND* go through the mountains on the same leg.

    What you might look at is get down to NJ best way, then take the Garden State Parkway to the end in Cape May and take the ferry over to Delaware - then go down the eastern shore to the CBBT. From there, go down the Outer Banks to Hatteras, take the ferry to Ocracoke then the ferry to Cedar Island.

    Do the math for fuel costs, if you can guess what the prices will be then! Miles divided by miles per gallon times price. We have a fuel cost calculator to help you with that.

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    Default A Few More Details

    I agree that 10 days is barely enough to take a leisurely RoadTrip down, do Florida Justice, and do a leisurely RoadTrip back. Assuming Orlando for 'Florida' you'll need at least four days for anything other than a slog down I-95. But taking your time, stopping along the way, and spending 4 rather than 3 days should be well worth it. Here are a couple of routes and itineraries that will cover what you've mentioned on two completely separate paths. Doing both would only leave you a couple of days in Florida, unless you can find a way to add some time to what you have available.


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    Thank you soo much. Since we are still planning the trip.. now we are thinking about taking the Amtrak down to Orlando (from DC with our car) and then planning to do the southeast area.. What do you guys think about it?

    Train to Orlando
    Orland to Savannah, GA
    Savannah to Birmingham, AL
    Birmingham to Gatlinburg TN
    Gatlinburg to Chhattnoga TN
    chattanoga to Cherokee NC

    and then 15 hours drive back to home!!!

    I am planning this route wit the help of the proposed travel routes in teh southwest area of this forum.. Does it look do able in 10 days?

    Also, I am confused about the route.. should it be in this order or needs to be changed to save time?
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  5. Default I think we have narrowed it down..

    I believe we have narrowed it down to what we really want to do and how we want to do it but I really need someones opinion and advice if this is do able and if we are missing anything that should be included

    We will start our trip from Newark, NJ after visiting family there and this is the plan..

    Newark NJ to Front Royal, VA 6 to 7 hours (1 Day) just driving and staying overnite
    Front Royal to Cherokee, NC using blue ridge parkway (in 2 days)
    Cherokee NC to Gatlinburg, TN (from the recommended routes on this website) 1 day
    Gatlinburg TN to Savannah, GA (1 day)
    Savannah, GA to Orlando, FL (2-3 days)

    and then taking the auto train back to DC just so we dont have to drive all the way back!

    Last day driving from DC to MA!

    ps: we are trying to cover
    1.Great Smoky Mountains National Park
    TN and NC
    2.The Blue Ridge Parkway
    VA and NC
    3.Savannah's Landmark Historic District
    and last but not leastThe Appalachian Trail

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