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  1. Default Road Trip from Lacey, Washington to Flint, Michigan

    I am getting ready to be medically retired from the military, and am going back home to Michigan. I am really wanting to avoid dangerous mountain passes as much as I can. I REALLY do not want to go all the way down to I-40, I am just trying to minimize my time in passes. Is there a route that could help this, I am a novice when it comes to both winter driving, as well as longer road trips, I drove to washington from michigan 2 year ago, but that was during the summer and all roads and passes were perfect, as well as the weather.

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    This is a tossup between I-90 and I-84/I-80. Just prior to leaving, check on conditions and make your choice. There is only about an hour and a half difference between the 2 routes. There really aren't any "dangerous" passes on the Interstate system.

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    Hello MyExitEmergency,

    Thank you for your service and safe travels back home.

    This comes up often in the RTA Forums--the notion that the northerly Interstates are somehow impassable for long time intervals as well as the notion that one can escape it by adding hundreds and hundreds of miles going down to I-40. Each notion is patently incorrect.

    Interstates are designed to exacting standards. There are no switchbacks or "dangerous passes", none whatsoever. The grades (steepness) of roadways up to the passes are also limited in order to enable trucks to get up and over, and safely down the other side.

    As to heading south, be aware you've got mountains between Lacey and Southern California, and be further advised of the many segments of I-40 which hold elevations of +7,000'. If anything, I'd be more concerned about the "southern route" due to a propensity for ice storms in NM, TX, and OK, and the relative lack of extensive snow removal ops there, unlike MT, UT,ID, WY, and CO.

    Case in point: you're probably aware of yesterday's "bomb" storm front passing through Chicago and surrounds. The same system crossed MT and WY earlier. I looked at the live webcams a number of times during the day Monday and Tuesday, and at times yesterday it appeared to be a real blizzard under way. By late in the day, however, no snow on the roads. The MT cams are still a little dark at this time, but just googling "Montana DOT cams" will bring you a map of MT and cam locations, including all of the passes. It looks clear now from what I can tell through the morning darkness. Same in Wyoming, where wyoroads has I-80 cams all across the state.

    All in all, only the least-prepared and the least willing to look ahead find themselves with problems during winter Interstate travel in the West. If you find conditions deteriorating, find a truckstop and hang out a few hours, and everything will be fine.

    Again, thanks for your service, and safe travels homeward.


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