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    Hi - my family and I (yes with kids) will be driving from Houston TX to Las Vegas NV to visit relatives. Would like this trip to be memorable to the kids. Looking at google maps, i can see that the shortest route is via i-10. I am not brave enough to drive 21 hours straight so would like to spend a night in a hotel or inn. Any suggestions where would be the best stop for this trip to spend the night? and perhaps some side trips with great views that will not prolong the travel much

    thanks all!

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    Default Real world timing.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    I am not brave enough to drive 21 hours straight so would like to spend a night in a hotel or inn.
    I think that should read foolish enough, you are right to stop but I am not sure one night is enough. In the real world, and away from mapping programs that do not need food, sleep, mental health and physical breaks, to stop for gas or allow for any type of delay, you have a drive that is going to take around 25/26 hours with said breaks.

    With the kids I can't see it being a lot of fun being couped up in the car for such long periods, and could be a trip to remember for all the wrong reasons. An extra half, to full day for travel would make it much more bearable. Google is actually showing me that I 40 is the slightly quicker route, although not much in it compared to I10.

    On th I 40 run you could get in a good day 1 to Amarillo, day 2 to around Holbrook AZ and finish your journey into Vegas on day 3. You could even stretch day 2 to Flagstaff and get into Vegas earlier or take a detour to Grand canyon.

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    I agree with Dave. I ran Houston to LV through my mapping program, and came up with the fastest route being 1455 miles and 22 hours. In the real world, this is a 3 day trip. This is via I-45/US-287/I-40/US-93.

    Note that the 22 hours assumes you drive constantly at the posted speed limit with no stops whatsoever and no traffic delays - and without even stopping for red lights.

    I don't know how Google is saying I-10 is shortest - my software says it's 20 miles and one hour longer. It also involves going through more metro areas with potential for delays - via fastest route you only have to deal with DFW (Amarillo and Albuquerque are not problems) whereas I-10 involves San Antonio, Tucson, and Phoenix.

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    Thanks Southwest Dave and GLC! appreciate the response. We normally do long trips (8-12 hours) but this, would be by far, the longest trip for us. What i meant by being memorable for the kids is for them to be able to see more of the US by taking this trip. I guess will manage with an in-van-entertainment system. they did good with a 24 hour trip from Singapore to Texas without much fuss.

    So I guess Albuquerque (which is about 14 hours + a few hours of stop overs) would be the best place to spend the night. Do you know of any good places to stay there or where can i find one?

    Thanks Again!

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    Default a really bad idea

    I'm sorry, but trying to do Houston to Albuquerque in one sitting is a bad idea under almost any circumstances, and trying to do it when you're going to need to travel another 600 miles the next day is frankly unsafe.

    Disregarding how miserable the trip will be for your family (and I hope you at least see the contradiction of saying you want them to see the country, and then will be counting on dvd's to keep them entertained), that's simply too much driving to do in 2 days.

    Its 900 miles from Houston to Albuquerque, which is an absolutely brutal day on the road. If you complete that leg safely (and that is about 50% more miles than a professional driver would be allowed to do in a day), its going to be completely exhausting. Anyone who has done this sort of drive will tell you that they are in no condition to drive another 12 hours the following day.

    Please listen to the advice that you've been given from Dave and GLC, and plan to spend 2 nights on the road. Its going to be much safer and saner, and could actually give you a chance to enjoy the trip rather than collapse in a heap once your arrive in Vegas. If you can't spare the time, then you really need to look at airline tickets.

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    Default One More Time

    As Dave and glc have already tried to tell you, Houston to Las Vegas is NOT a two day trip. Furthermore, there is a basic incongruity between your two statements "for (the kids) to be able to see more of the US by taking this trip" and "I guess will manage with an in-van-entertainment system." If you want this trip to be anything but locking them in the back seat with a tranquilizer and then subjecting them to an unsafe attempt to cover too many miles in too little time you will budget three days for the drive. Overnight stops would be around Fort Stockton and Benson, AZ. That would allow you to take a few recreation stops along the way and actually let the kids see something of America.


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    Dave recommended the appropriate stops taking the I-40 route. Buck's recommendations assume I-10, but I don't see much to choose from in Benson, I'd look at Tucson instead unless Buck has some specifics - that is, after all, his home territory.

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