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  1. Default MD traveling south - Suggestions??

    My husband and I are looking to take a road trip starting in MD heading through VA, TN, GA, SC, and NC then back up through VA to MD (or the reverse direction). Neither of us have any real experience planning such a road trip.... thoughts on how many days we would need?

    I was thinking taking 81 down to Knoxville, TN to start since this is my normal route to visit family in that area.

    We are looking for suggestions on maybe the best route and places to stop along the way. We love the outdoors ... so stops along the way that are more outdoorsy are ideal.

    Maybe someone can't point me in the right direction ..... Thanks!!

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Actually, the first part of planning any RoadTrip is my favorite part, and one I can pleasantly spend weeks or even months on. You just daydream! You already know roughly where you want to go, and you know, in a general sort of way, the types of things you want to see. so all you really need is a source (or two) of specific ideas. With a map nearby to mark 'targets' on, you can start with some semi-random lists of attractions in each state you'll be traveling through. You can then look for more ideas by doing a web search on {statename tourist OR attraction}. Next you may want to have a look for some great drives and connecting roads by checking here. Once you have enough points of interest (to you!) and short road segments, a rough overall route should start to emerge as a pattern on your map. The sad part is that certain venues you've marked will be clearly off route, but many more will be on your way.

    How many days? As many as you can afford.


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