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    Hi, I am looking at taking a motorcycle trip next year from Sacramento Ca to Ocean City MD via hwy50; from MD to Maine via Hwy 1 and then back home via Highway 2? Looking for the best times (understand I am on a motorcycle and snow is absolutely no fun). I have about 3 weeks, one to get there, one up the coast and one back home. Any recommended side trips, must do routes or points of interest? I don't like superhighways but I can't afford to take surface streets (time) so the smaller less traveled highways and byways work best. I'd like to work in Niagara Falls, NY City, Boston and a great Maine Lobster...everything else is just cake.
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    You're looking at a minimum of around 7,500 miles. Over 21 days, that means you'll need to cover over 350 miles a day. Given that most of the roads you indicate you want to drive have relatively low speed limits, towns, traffic, lights and stop signs, you're going to need to be in the saddle 7-8 hours each and every one of those 21 days. There is precious little wiggle room, which means that if you run into foul weather (a near certainty on a trip of this duration) you will have no choice but to keep riding. Sorry, but those are the realities of the 'adventure' you've set for yourself. You need to make sure that you are up to such a task before proceeding any further.


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    Appreciate your comments; this isn't my first long trip. Being in the saddle is much of the point of riding a motorcycle but spending 7-8 hours going down an Interstate deflates my enthusiasm. If I could average 350 miles I'd be in heaven. I don't mind rain, of course I don't welcome it but I suspect it will happen. Snow on the other hand....not for me. I am looking at a summer trip and trying to increase my odds of having good weather. So timing is critical. What I am looking for help with is some of the travel plans that may be hard to spot on maps. I95, while you may make good time isn't my idea of a good time. I am hoping that interstate 1 (with the occasional unavoidable transfer) will yield a bigger score on the fun factor.

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    There is no such thing as Interstate 1, and even if it did exist it would be on the west coast, not the east. US-1 which runs the entire length of the east coast from Key West to Fort Kent is basically a nightmare for long distance travel. Known as the Post Road from its days as the only serviceable road between Philadelphia and Boston (in the time of Ben Franklin) it is today a collection of local streets, mall clogged thoroughfare, and heavy traffic everywhere. It is not until at least into Maine that it starts to become anywhere near 'fun'. US-2 is a mostly two lane rural road across the northern US, but does not exist from the VT/NY state line to Sault Ste Marie in far northern Michigan. Your two choices for filling that gap are to take the Trans Canada Highway over the top of the Great Lakes through Ottawa and North Bay, or staying in the US to the south of the Lakes. I much prefer the former, but you will need a passport and you will not hit Niagara Falls. The later will take you to the falls, but then you'd have to negotiate Cleveland and Chicago. So, at this point you're going to need to get out a good atlas or start zooming in on Google Maps to get a feel for what roads are really out there and come up with a first cut at what you really want to do. At that point we can start to offer some concrete suggestions.


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