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    I'm trying to determine how feasible this idea is:
    I would like to do a month long road trip out west (I'm in Minnesota) and spend time between Washington and Oregon. I'd like to camp as much as possible, not only because that is the point of the trip, but also to drive costs down (because I'm a college student). I have no idea how much this might cost. Any similar experiences with advice out there?

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    WA and OR can be great places for cheap campgrounds. Most are $10-20/night, with Forest Service campgrounds almost always being the least expensive (some are even free -- although you also sometimes get what you pay for). One of my favorite campgrounds ever, though, was a NFS property on the Umpqua River in Southern Oregon: right on the river and $5/night. Made me want to take up fly fishing. FWIW, unfortunately, for some reason most of the (non-private) campgrounds in WA/OR don't have showers, so you might have to make a plan to handle that situation.



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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    Really the first couple things you need to do to take your rough idea and turn it into an actual roadtrip are: figure out how much time/money you'll actually have available, figure out a realistic budget, and figure out where it is you want to go and what you want to do.

    For your budget, your big costs are food, lodging, gas, and entertainment/misc. All of those things are depended upon how you go about your trip. If you camp, you should expect to pay about $20 a night. There certainly are times where you'll be able to find a spot for less, but there will also be times where you'll have to pay a little more. I'd suggest you also plan to spend a few nights in a motel - for when you find bad weather or simply just want a real bed for a night. Food is another one that depends upon what you choose to go about things. I'd plan for at least $15 a day, as its tough to do less than that without limiting yourself to beans and rice, but if you plan to eat out more than once every couple of days, that number can quickly go up.

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