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    I had a journey of a lifetime in America that lasted for 17 best years, did many road trips! I was living in Portland at one point for a period of 2yrs,i had lived there twice before ea.time half a year,
    3rd.and last time i decided to move down to Florida where i had been to few times (i'm from Europe and i did my 1st.trip to abroad to FL,USA!)

    I left Portland and spent my 1st.night in eastern Oregon in a small hotel then left in the morning and drove to Boise where the radiator started to leak, it was just before Christmas and in the middle of night, i had to disconnect the Xmas lights of the hotel so that i was able to connect my drop light and solder the leaking radiator with my TurboTorch/MappGas that i had with me, and so i did and was able to cont. to S-L-C, then after a night there i drove to Las Vegas where i had lived before, for 4 separate times (ea.half yr) after 1 night there i drove on to Kingman,AZ on Route 66!

    After a day there i drove on to Gallup,NM.,there i stopped by in a convinience store where i had a coke and spoke to a lady working there, she asked me where i was heading and i told her down to FL, i had planned on going to Miami or Ft.Lauderdale area about? But after talking with her for about half an hour and after listening to her about the fact that she was born and raised in Clearwater,FL, and that it would be a great town to live, i actually ended up my road trip there and lived in Clearwater for the next 2 years!!

    To cut to the chase, i left then Gallup via and stopping in.........E.NM.......Dallas........Shreveport.... ....New Orleans (where i did get my very 1st. U.S. Driver's lic 15yrs before) d finally to CLEARWATER!! That trip lasted for, if i remember correctly 11 days, AND IT WAS GREAT!! Great to drive across America from "SEA TO SHINING SEA" I JUST LOVED IT THERE.........ANYWHERE IN AMERICA!!

    I'm forever thankful to you all there, i mean it! I've never met as fair and nice.....truly great folks all across the increadeble USA!! I ended up living in 8 different States in all, during those best 17yrs that i had the great fortune to experience, so much to say but can't put it in words? Just thankful for all the great times and trips........wouldn't change a day of MY GREAT AMERICAN JOURNEY OF A LIFETIME!!

    THANKS TO YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. Thank you for teaching me my trade too!! I learned a whole lot back in AMERICA!! BEST OF LUCK TO YOU ALL!! Marco
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    Default That sounds like an American Adventure!


    Where are you living now?


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    Hi Mark! I'm nowdays back in Finland where i'm from originally. I guess you're in Vegas? Yeah,i sure lived there too.......just 6mos at a time, but 4 times, i also visited there 3 short trips, one of a kind city in the world to say the least!! But i lived in all those great 8 States in all.....wish i had lived in all 50........heh!! Had damn great feeling in each, i'll never get that kind of feeling back, i know it now........i've done a lot of great trips in many countries, but to live my life like i did in the U.S., just regular blue collar life, i'll never ever get that back and for the fack that i had it at least for those 17yrs of my life, i'm truly greatful to you all for that greatness that i felt!! Have a great time there in Vegas or where ever you and the rest of you are! Marco
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    Where are you living now?


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