I'm currently planning a trip to the weat coast with my son. I have some experience with car vacations in the US from the past, but that was way back in 1986. I used to be a ships officer, and with every opportunity I signed of my ship in the US to have a few days of vacation before heading home to Norway. Our last trip to the US was back in 2001 when our whole family had our first vacation in Florida. The greatest vacation ever.

This time it will be my 21 year old son and myself. Primaqrily attending tehh Sema Sahow in Las vegas. Hoever, going to the states is not you do for a 3 days event. When having the possibility to visit it's amust to see as much as possible on the shortest time.

We plan to leave Norway the 28th of October and return teh 7th of November. This gives us some more days to explore Southern California and Las Vegas and hopefully there is somebody in this forum that can suggest a route.

I've made a preliminary route and would like some comments on this. Is it possible? Anyone with better suggestions? I do not want to use the Highways, but explore the scenic places. We are trying to save up some money til next summer and have the whole family going for a 14 day trip to the mentioned area, so it may be that the San fransisco leg of the trip can be postponed til then.

Departure Arrival
Kristinansand Los Angeles afternoon/evening Cruising LA, possible local car meeting
Los Angeles Los Angeles whole day Beverly Hills, Hollywood, So-cal speed shop etc.
Los Angeles San fransico late evening/night St monica, Venice beach, pismo beach, Highway 1
San Fransisco Yosemite late evening/night Alcatraz, Golden gate, cable cars, Fishermans wharf
Yosemite Death vallley evening Yosemite national park
Death valley Las Vegas Late evening Red Rock Canyon Las Vegas
Las Vegas Las vegas Sema Auto show, indoor skydiving
Las Vegas Las Vegas Sema Auto show, shooting range
Las Vegas Las Vegas Grand Canyon, Hoover dam
Las Vegas Kristiansand Dead tired, but probably extremely happy:-)

Will highly appreciate any suggestions for this road trip. We are primarily using the day to explore and evening/night to move from city to city to make the tripp as efficient as possible since there is so much to see and so little time available:-).

Sincerely yours