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  1. Default Advice needed! Canton,OH to San Bernardino, CA

    As the title says, I will be headed to San Bernardino, CA from Canton, OH the first 2 weeks in November. I'm planning on taking I-70 west to I-40 on the way out, and will take I-70 through Denver on the way home.

    I will be driving my truck(F-150), pulling a small enclosed trailer. I'm looking for some ways to save some cash! I'm also looking for some stopping points along the way (not day trips, just somewhere to stop for an hour or 2, take some pictures, and get back on the road).

    I'm planning to use 3 days for driving each way. I figured I would also sleep in my truck on the way out and back to save some money on hotels, sinse most of my time will be spent driving anyway. I also planned on using to get some decent prices on hotels while I'm out there.
    Does anyone have suggestions on the nicer subarbs of San bernardino to stay in? I don't wanna stay in places that I'll worry about my trailer.

    I figured On the way out or back, I would stop at the St Louis Arch. I will also be driving through flagstaff, and figured I would take time to head north to the Grand Canyon. On the way home, I plan to stop one night in Denver ( I have friends there).

    Any suggestions on saving some money or places/things to see?

    Thanks for any info!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'm sorry, but your current plans are just not realistic.

    Canton to San Bernardino is a 2400 mile trip, which can not safely be done in 3 days under really any circumstances. Even at a speed run pace under ideal conditions, you'd need 4 days of being on the road about 12 hours a day before you make any stops to cover that distance. Trying to do any more than that really is more than is safe - and is more than a professional driver would be allowed to do.

    The other problem is that you are not talking about ideal conditions - you are talking about doing this trip while pulling a trailer. That means you're going to at the very least need to keep your speed down, but its also going to make for more challenging driving, and means you'll need that much more rest to keep your skills sharp.

    To do this trip, and make any stops along the way, you really need to push up to 5 days each way. Even at 4 days, you simply don't have time to make stops - even for an hour or two - at places like Arch, or taking a detour to the Grand Canyon.

    Speaking of getting rest, I'd think long and hard about planning to sleep in your truck. As has been mentioned, after a long day on the road, a good night of sleep is important, and I have to think that the inside of a pickup truck is going to be a tough place to get a real good night of sleep every night for a week. I can sleep ok in a car for a few hours in a pinch, and I certainly understand wanting to save money, but there is such a thing as a false economy where you try to do things so cheaply that you make yourself miserable - and then end up spending more on other things just to be less miserable!

    For some other money saving ideas, check out this article from the RTA's planning section.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Canton to San Bernardino is over 2300 miles by the shortest route possible, That's 800 miles a day if you plan to try to make the trip in three days. Not only will you not have time for any stops or alternative routes, you simply will not be physically able to complete the drive, let alone be a safe and responsible co-user of the nation's highways. You will frankly be endangering your life and the life of everyone who has to share the road with you. If you can't find more time for this trip don't make it.


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    I can take 4, maybe 5 days each way.

    There is a 95% chance there will be 1 or 2 others going with me. In that case, we'll be getting hotels, and doing it in 3 days.

    The trailer is small. I will be doing the speed limit there and back. I have pulled it many times to Florida. You can't even tell its back there.

    Thanks for the concern.

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    Even with 1 or 2 other people, driving 800 miles a day for 3 consecutive days is still very dangerous. That's just way too much time on the road with not nearly enough rest. Before you spend any time stopping to see anything, you will be on the road for 16 hours a day.

    And even with a small trailer, the speed limit while pulling is almost always 10 mph under the speed limit for a regular car. In fact, saying that you can't even tell its back there is even more cause for concern, because that means its going to be that much more likely that you forget that its there and forget about the extra things you need to think about when pulling any trailer.

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