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  1. Default Trip being planned over Christmas LA to Las Vegas, San Diego and back to LA.

    Hello All

    I have been reading this forum with interest and was going to put our basic plans down to see if we could get advice as to a scenic / interesting route between these location and places to see. Just for a bit of back ground there is myself, my wife and two kids daughter 14 and son 10 all travelling over from the UK.

    We get into LA on the 24th December 2010 and are staying in LA for 5 days, we wanted to see Universal Studio's, Disney etc, but wonder if anyone could advice on the best place to go for Christmas Day, we were thinking Disney but would consider other peoples thoughts.

    We got to Las Vegas for 4 nights over New Years Eve and was expecting it to be fun. If anyone has any ideas of interesting route that would be helpful, again can any one recommend anywhere I was thinking of a show one night (is it better to book earlier on when I get there) also does anyone know if there is anything special happening on New Years Eve.

    From there we go to San Diego again if someone could recommend a route that would pick up places of interest etc that would be great. Again we were looking at the Zoo, trip around the Harbour and Sea World, anywhere people could recommend.

    On the way back I was going to take a coastal road back to LA, again any ideas and again any places people would recommend to stop off and visit.

    I look forward to hearing from you guys.


  2. Default New Years Eve in Las Vegas


    Myself and family (wife, 2 kids 14 & 10) are visiting Las Vegas this December and have 4 days covering New Years Eve. I was hoping that we could get some advice as to what to look for and if there is anything we should try to see or place to go on New Years Eve. During that period I was also planning on seeing a show and wanted to know if it was better to pre-book the tickets (though not sure what to see) or can I get a good deal when I get there.

    I would hate to come all the way over from the UK and miss out on something.

    I look forward to hearing from you.
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    Default Other Places to Consider

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    First, let me direct you to this compilation of some previous discussions of and recommendations for RoadTrips in that general area. The second thing I would note is that your trip, as you discuss it, seems to be urban-centric. But the area you'll be driving through has some of the world's great scenic wonders. Just the most glaring example is your 4 days in Las Vegas. Now certainly you can have a great time in Vegas for four days but why not take a day and a half or so and drive over to the Grand Canyon. It is a bit far for a day trip out of Las Vegas, but you can drive there in a long afternoon, watch the sunset on one of the 7 natural wonders of the world, spend the night, see the sunrise and be back in Vegas by tea time. And while there's a good chance you'd see snow, it just highlights the beauty of the Canyon.

    As to your specific questions: Between Vegas and San Diego, I'd suggest that you look at a more 'rural' route than just a straight shot down I-15 through western Los Angeles. If you've got a good navigator and are interested I can give you a 'back road' route that will take you through the Mojave National Preserve, Joshua Tree National Park, and Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. Then in San Diego, besides the plac3es you mention, be sure to check out Balboa Park, home to the world famous San Diego Zoo as well as more museums than you can shake a stick at.

    Unfortunately, there really is no good 'coastal route' between San Diego and Los Angeles. There are roads that follow the coast, but views of the ocean are relatively rare as these roads go through built up town after built up town. The one place where there is open beach is in the marine base at Camp Pendleton, but there you WILL be on I-5.


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    Understand that New Year's Eve in LV is going to be very crowded and expensive. Expect hotel rooms to be $200+ at any of the large casino complexes, where the same room can be had for $40 during the week at a non-holiday time.

  5. Default December in LA and Las Vegas

    We are flying in from the UK in December and I have previously posted about the trip and got some good travel tips. I was wondering about the weather conditions as I have found some conflicting detail and was hoping you guys could advise. I look forward to hearing from the forum. Cheers

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    Default different terrain, different conditions

    Generally, you should see pleasant conditions during the day and fairly cool conditions especially at night when you are talking about LA, SD, and LV.

    However, those are generalities. If you are going to be spending any time in mountain areas - like the Grand Canyon, for example, its quite likely that you'd see temperatures below the freezing mark. Its certainly also possible to see cold conditions during a specific weather event. Las Vegas, for example, does occationally see snowfall - although its not usually heavy or long lasting.

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