Hello fellow road trippers. I would like to post about a beautiful drive which I just learned about and drove this summer. I'm guessing Canadians will know about it but I had never heard of it! Up in Nova Scotia, Canada in the northern half of Cape Brenon Island there is a highway known as the Cabot trail. I am not sure about a highway number, as everything just said Cabot trail when I was driving it. either way it's very well marked on any map or anything because it's a very famous drive. It's about 300 km drive I think, you can do it in a few hours. BUt it's just lovely.

But anyway this is a really really beautiful drive. I actually didn't realize the beauty until I got back home and looked at my pictures. It's just a nice coastal drive that touches upon little villages here and there. A lot of bikers take the route as it is windy and hilly and I think much better on a bike (I went by car).

For anyone considering it, I would personally recommend starting the trail from the east side of the island, as the more beautiful parts are on the west side of the island so when you start the trail out it will be just touch and go when you see the waters but then it's like you will just explode onto the scenic parts. Save the best for last right? But i will add that I don't think Cabot trail is as awesome as Highway 1 in California that is just a beautiful drive! I kept hearing it was one of the bst drives in the world so I was kind of let down because I was expecting something better than the cali coast, so instead go with an open mind and don't get too hyped like I did!

Oh ya and if you go there you must must MUST visit Joe's Scarecrow Village. I have got to get more information on this place but it's directly on the trail you can't miss it. It's just south maybe 30 minutes south of Pleasant Bay. Some guy has made about 50 wooden cutouts of people and dressed them in clothes and given them all masks and put them out by a trailer and calls it Joe's Scarecrowd Village. Each "person" as a small note attatched to their clothes with their name and biography. It's quite odd. So odd that it is awesome!!

Another thing if you are in Nova Scotia get to Peggy's Cove. It's about 30 minutes from Halifax, which I think is about 5 hours from the start of the Cabot trail. But this is hands down just one of the most beautiful places I have ever been!