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    I know I ask way too many question, lol. But, maybe one of the more avid road trippers can help me with this question. I came across a beautiful picture online while looking at pictures of Glacier national park and this picture was of a lake maybe with a coral bed? I really would like to visit this particular area but I have no idea where the photo was taken other then it was in glacier. I know its a crap shoot but has anyone ever seen something like this while visiting Glacier. Thanks!

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    Another question! I was wondering if anyone knows the laws/ rules regarding bringing knives on road trips. Just to be safe we want to bring pepper spray and a rather large knife (8" blade), just incase we run into a bear or something in one of the national parks. So I was wondering, do any of the states or National parks ban knives or pepper spray? Are we allowed to travel with a large knife in our car? I want to be safe but I also dont want trouble from cops along the way.

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    Default I wouldn't !

    I don't think waving a knife at a bear is going to do anything other than make it angry, no matter how big the blade !!

    The laws will be different State to State, and possibly within each State. I am no expert on the matter, but carrying a large knife for protection really doesn't sound like a good idea to me. Not only might it give you a false sense of security and could get you into more trouble [like thinking it might useful against an angry Bear] I doubt that a Sheriff would be impressed if he found it under the seat of your car on a routine stop. You really shouldn't get into any situation where you will need protection, but if you want a little security, my advice would be to stick to the pepper spray while using common sense as to where you visit.

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    Default No and Yes (But No)

    While it's remotely possible that there is some fossil coral in the rocks of Glacier National Park, the chances that there is coral (warm salt water creatures) living in the frigid fresh water lakes of Glacier is essentially zero.

    And while you are certainly allowed to carry both pepper spray and/or large knives in the National Parks, to think that such items offer any serious protection in the event of a bear attack is foolish at best. Far better that you read up on how to avoid bear encounters altogether rather than thinking you are going to come out of one the 'victor'.


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    the pepper spray would be more for protection and the knife would be more for cutting/chopping/ect. (you never know in some cases).

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    I'm glad you aren't thinking about the knife as protection, as it would be a whole lot like bringing a knife to a gunfight. The bear would have you ripped apart before you could do any sort of damage to a large enraged animal. Bear mace/Pepper Spray isn't a bad idea, although making sure you avoid a close encounter in the first place is far more important.

    A large knife can be very helpful when doing lots of camping, and I don't think you'll have any problems. I've got a hatchet that's with me for all of my camping trips. Just make sure you've got it packed with your camping gear, and you aren't carrying it around when you aren't at your campsite (and it could be considered a concealed weapon) and you shouldn't have any problems.

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