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  1. Default Planning 4a Summer Trip with 3 children, 8,5 n a bb from CA to Acadia Natl Park

    The title sounds scary huh? Well, at least for me LOL. So, I am planning on a roadtrip that will last about 28 days, b4 the sch starts. This will be a tight budget, very low cost trip. We will be heading out from the bay area, California heading east to NY then up to Maine (Acadia Natl Park) then head west to WA (would like to make a stop at Mt Rushmore, Yellowstone Natl Park) to Seattle, WA.
    From there, head back south to CA.
    All input and suggestion is greatly appreciated.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Out of curiousity, what are you defining as a "very low cost trip"? Taking the family on a 4 week trip is a pretty expensive undertaking, even when you keep things to the bare bones.

    What are you doing for transportation and where are you planning to sleep? Did you have any other plans for stops as you head east?

    28 days is a very nice amount of time for this trip, and you should certainly be able to see and do alot. You might also consider cutting through Canada for a portion of your trip, however, Adults will need passports and children would need birth certificates to cross the border.

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