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  1. Default San francisco to Austin, Tx

    My name is Max, I am a Belgium visiting student. I am currently in Texas, and I am planning to do a roadtrip from SF to Austin. I'll fly there mid august and then I have two weeks to enjoy and come back to Texas!
    I'll be the first WE with a friend in LA and the Canyon, but once I'll be in SF, I'll be by my one.
    I was thinking stay a couple of day in SF then going down to LA (hitch hikinng or taking a bus) I forgot to say I'll do my trip without a personal car, so it will be hitch hiking and taking bus)
    Then go to Phoenix, then Flagstaff to Santa Fe (stop to petrified forest) then stay around Santa fe and head home.
    So I don't know exactly how many day I'll stay for every place, I may be stuck in the desert try to find a car!
    But if you have any suggestion to place to visit or general advise it would be great!
    This will be my 2 last weeks in US, I want to make them Leg...gendary!! ;) no just fun!!

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    Are you 21 years old and do you have a driver's license from your home country? If so, you can rent a car. The only problem might be if your license is not in English, in that case having an International Driver's Permit would be advisable. That's simply a translation of your license into about 10 languages. I believe that can only be obtained in your home country.

    The reason I ask this is hitchhiking is not advisable in the US.

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    yes I am 21, and I already rent a car in US. I was thinking doing that but as I am only 21 they charge me more. I'll maybe do this the second week from Phoenix.
    If I drop the car at a different place I'll have fee no?
    Do you know a good company for weekly deal?

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    there is a 500$ fee to drop the car :(
    I think I'll change my plan and just stay in California...
    Unless you have other idea?
    I am a big fan of nature do you have advise for California?
    I know there is a bunch of national parc but do you have favorites?

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    Yes, there is almost always a fee to drop it off in a different city. You will have to compare the major companies for the particular dates and cities to find the best deal.

    You MAY be able to find a deal with no dropoff fee if you rent in SF and drop off in LA or Las Vegas. Another possibility is drop off in Austin, that would save you the airfare home. Or, rent a car in Austin for the whole 2 weeks, drive everywhere. You can drive from Austin to SF in 3 days on the road.

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    thank for the ideas :)
    I'll try to find a round trip ticket to Vegas (where I'll join my friend) and then rent a car.
    I compared price on priceline, did you already use this website?
    Because one time I booked a car online (not with the official website of the company) and once I had to pay I had to pay taxe and stuff...
    Do you know if the price I see it's the actual price I'll pay?

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    You always have to check with the company to see what the taxes and fees are.

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    Because you're under 25 and the underage fee will be a very significant portion of your trip, i would really recommend booking directly with the rental company. Its way too easy for many 3rd party companies not to include the age information, and have you end up with a very unpleasant surprise.

    And yes, because taxes can make up a huge part of the total bill, you need to make sure you are getting the total price from anyone who you are getting a quote from. This is simply a case of asking the question, and making sure you have that in writing.

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    Default Plenty to keep you occupied !

    I am a big fan of nature do you have advise for California?
    Yosemite NP is one of my favorite places and truly magnificent for fans of nature !

    Others that are just as impressive in different ways are Sequoia and Kings canyon and on the other side of the Sierra Nevada and within easy reach of Vegas is Death valley. With 2 weeks there are many options to consider including the coastal highway between SF and LA, and Southern Utah offers 2 great natural wonders in Zion and Bryce canyon NP, which could be included in a loop from LV with Grand canyon and possibly Monument valley. It would be possible to visit most of the above in a 2 week loop trip from any of the major City's depending on your style and pace of travel.

    Time for you to do a little research and find a location to start from that will offer a good rental deal and when you have some pieces of the puzzle in place, let us know and we will be able to help you to "fine tune" your trip.

  10. Default road trip California August

    I created a new thread as I change my plans...
    I've got two weeks
    So now, my plan is to go to the grand Canyon then Las vegas,
    the death valley NP, sequoia (I definitly want to see that!) Yosemite then the second week the coast and the city San francisco the coast and Los angeles and come back to Vegas!!
    I'll rent a car and try to do couchsurfing as I'll be alone and want to meet people and maybe hikking with them...
    If you have an advise let me know!!

    (Mod Note: We like to keep everything involving the same trip together in the same thread, even if the trip evolves from what you started out with. Plus, You were already starting to get answers about your new plans in your old thread.)
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