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    Default Relocating to Fort Collins, CO from Southington, CT

    Hey everyone. I just took a job out in Fort Collins, CO and I need to drive myself out there in under a month. I want to make a road trip outta this and wanted to know some cool/interesting/dive places to stop at while I make my trip. Any thoughts would be wonderful!
    Thanks :)

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    Default Very, Very Generally

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    I-84 to Scranton and I-80 the rest of the way is your most direct route and would take about 3½ days to drive. That would have you pretty much just trudging across the country on Interstates, many of them toll roads, without much time to really explore the country you're driving through. With another couple of days, you could turn south at Scranton and use I-81 to follow the Appalachians for a while then use I-64 through Kentucky to St. Louis, I-70 to KC, I-29 up the Missouri and I-80 along the old Oregon Trail with time for a few short stops along the way. Add another day or two and you can really start to explore the areas you'll be driving through, take some scenic back roads, take a few hikes, visit a few historic sights, etc. It's all pretty much up to you, how much time you can devote to your journey, and what you want to do.


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    Default Thank you!

    Thanks for the advice. I was looking into making it 5-7 days. I might be able to expand it a bit more but I was looking into trying to find some fun places to hike and site see. I was told it could be fun to visit Chicago and maybe heading down to St. Louis but I know this will add on extra days. Any other thoughts on places to stop at?

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    Default Hikes On the Way

    The route you've laid out will require 4 solid days of driving, so how much time you have to sight see and hike is dependent on how many 'extra' days you can devote to the trip. Besides whatever time you want to spend in Chicago and St. Louis, some hiking opportunities include the Delaware Water Gap, Cuyahoga Valley National Park and Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. I think I'd still take I-29 north from Kansas City and NE-2 as a cut-off over to I-80 which follows the old Oregon Trail.


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