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    Default First Ever Road Trip: From Baltimore, MD to Austin, TX

    Hey all! First time roadtripper here. Me and a couple of my friends are going on our first roadtrip on August 11th. We would love to here information on this route, as well as any hotels, restaurants, shops, and places that are "must-sees". Also hearing about the nightlife wouldn't be a bad thing either! We're probably going to be making stops in Nashville and Memphis. We also would love to hear about other "roadtrippers" first time experiences, and the do's and don't's that you learned. So excited to explore the open road. Hope to hear from you guys!

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    Check out the link to see my first road trip. Where we turn from Marshall you would continue to Dallas on I-30 then I-35 south from Dallas to Austin

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    Thanks for giving me some insight on what life will be like on the sounds like you guys had and amazing experience, which is what I am trying to accomplish. I sometimes feel like we're stretching it a bit with the distance we're going for our first roadtrip...but what's life without a little ambition.

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    Default Lack of info.

    Hello and a belated welcome to the RTA forums !

    We normally like to say Hi and welcome new members promptly, but you seem yo have slipped in under the radar, so apologies for the delay.

    With only a small number of regular contributors and so many places to stay and eat it's rare to get such detailed info here and I'm afraid "must See's" are a bit of a none starter as one persons "must see" is another persons nightmare.

    You don't mention your interests, whether it is a one way trip or a round trip or how long you have to do it in. If, when you mention Nashville and Memphis you mean they are your only stops then the first day and the last are really pushing too hard, especially the 700 miles on day 1. That would put you on the road for around 13 hours [at a guess] and won't leave you in the mood to enjoy the nightlife or in good shape the next day and is way beyond what we would recommend for a safe days travel. On multi day trips 500-600 miles and 9-10 hours is around the limit we suggest as a safe and reasonable distance but on your first trip that would be pushing it possibly.

    So, a do and don't, do give yourself enough time to enjoy the trip in a safe and enjoyable manner and don't push beyond your limits. Have a look at a good map and search the forums for ideas and when you have some dots on the map and answered the questions I am sure other members will help you "fine tune" your trip, Good luck !

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