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    Default Family trip San Francisco to San Francisco


    Questions, questions, questions - I hope that someone can help me?!

    We are travelling 2 weeks tomorrow to San Francisco to spend our summer holidays, 43 nights travelling along the west coast and around California/Nevada/Arizona.

    Beacause it is such a long period of time I have tried to plan, but don't know if I have packed too much in or have missed some very important parts out bearing in mind having the boys with us, and are there things on our route/in the locations that we really should experience?

    San Francisco - 4 nights hotel booked
    Napa Valley - 2 nights possibly Calistoga?
    Santa Rosa - 1 night Safari West booked
    Sacremento - 1 night
    Yosemite -3 nights cabin booked
    *Realise that need stop over on way to Death Valley any ideas?*
    Death Valley - 1 night
    Las Vegas - 4 nights
    Kingman - 2nights
    Flagstaff - 2nights
    Phoenix - 1 night
    Tuscon - 2 nights visit Tombstone
    Yuma - 2 nights via Gila Bend
    San Diego - 3 nights
    Palm Springs - 2 nights
    Los Angeles - 5 nights
    Caliente - Rankin Ranch 3 nights - only one I could find that didn't deviate off route too much
    San Simeon - 1 night
    Carmel/Monteray1 night
    San Francisco 2 nights

    The first 2 weeks my parents are travelling with us, so 4 adults and 2 boys 10 and 7 and they leave us in Las Vegas to fly home.

    At the moment things are very flexible apart from Santa Rosa and Yosemite that are booked but want to try and book L.A and San Diego this week.

    We would also like to rent an RV for part of our journey, just because we can't experience it here and it may not feel so much like living out of a suitcase! if it's practical is there a better part of the journey to rent one for?

    Thank you for any advice.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    As far as the RV goes, I think you'd be best off just renting one for the whole trip, rather than trying to jump back and forth. Renting multiple vehicles is likely going to be very expensive, as you'd be looking at multiple one-way drop off fees.

    However, if you're not going to do it for the whole thing, then doing it for the part where you'll be traveling with 6 people would clearly be the best bet - as it would allow everyone to be in the same vehicle and could be a rare case where an RV is the more cost effective option.

    The only thing that stand out in your itinerary as an odd choice is the decision to spend 2 nights in Kingman - did you have a reason for that?

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    Thanks for quick reply!

    Kingman - no, no reason just looking on internet looked like might be several bits to do but if there is somehere better to add the night then open to suggestions.

    With regard to RV, I agree first part would make sense as all together only thing that was said to me by a friend was - would it be difficult if we were to travel up over tioga pass and down to Death Valley that way?

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    Default RV Companies put a motorium on Death Valley in the summer months

    Private RV's can be found in Death Valley any month of the year -- but most rental RV companies have very strict language in them prohibiting visits to Death Valley NP in the summer months. What does your contract say?


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    Default Great trip !

    Mark is right.

    I doubt very much if any RV company will permit you to cross Death valley during the summer, and with your lodgings booked in Yosemite, 4 nights in SF etc it might not work. However, many people take RV's over Tioga pass so that wouldn't be a problem.

    If there is no particular reason for staying in Kingman, and you could "pinch" a night from elsewhere, I would suggest heading North from Vegas on I 15 and take the 9 to Zion NP for a night, Bryce canyon for another and a detour to Monument valley on route to GC via Page with your other nights stop. These places are awesome and I would highly recommend them, I would actually try and "pinch" an extra 2 nights to enjoy this area, but that is your choice, not mine. You might find that with boy's in tow, you could take a night from Vegas, you will be limited as to where you can go due to age restrictions, just a thought.

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    Have the map back out and looks good to me.

    Thanks for tip on RV - what about hiring one on the stretch of holiday - Las Vegas down to Phoenix across to San Diego - is that a possibility instead?

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    Default It's possible.

    It certainly would be a possibility and Cruise America and El Monte [I think] both have depots in Las Vegas amongst others, so you could check costs, one way drop off fees and any special deals that might apply and see how it works out for you. The National park campgrounds are great, but you might want to check availability as they do get booked up in and around the parks, as can the lodgings. Las Vegas also has a nice resort called "Oasis RV resort" if you wanted to get one on your arrival.

    If you check out Cruise America, click on the "hot deals" link as they have a main depot near Phoenix, where they service and check the fleet and often do special deals to get them back there.

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