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  1. Default Planning a roadtrip from Miami to New York, appreciate help :)


    Me and my 2 other friends from Norway are planning a roadtrip from Miami to New York the summer of 2011. We have set aside 2 weeks for this trip, do you believe that 2 weeks are enough? After looking around on the internet, we believe that we found information about this trip saying it might take 2 days if you drive non stop. Is this correct?

    We plan on spending a few days (maybe 4) in Miami before heading north, and we also plan on spending 4 days in New York. This leaves us with app. a week for driving north.. Does this leave any time to make stops in cities on our way?

    We picture driving mostly by the coast, but as we are not familiar with the roads and routes in the USA we appreciate help in this area :) Which are the best routes to take? What do you recommend?

    As to which cities to visit during our drive north, we have not decided yet - I believe we are searching for advice here, as well.
    We are going to visit Washington DC though, and may be leaving our rental car there.. I have read that it might be just as easy to leave it there and go by train or bus to New York.

    I appreciate all help a Norwegian roadtripping girl can get, thanks!

    -M :)

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    Default A Week on the East Coast

    Velkommen! Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    First, let's direct you to this post describing a coastal route, among others, up the east coast. For far more detail and many, many more ideas you can check out the old Ocean Hiway. In Florida, I'd probably stick to I-95 as the coastal routes, US-1 and FL-A1A, are heavily built up and slow going - but the Kennedy Space Centermight be worth a visit. I'd also be sure to include stops in Savannah, GA and Charleston, SC. I think your plan to drop the rental car off when you arrive in Washington and take the train to New York is a good one. A car can actually be a hindrance in both cities, which have good subway systems and limited parking, and train service between the two is quite frequent and relatively reasonably priced. And yes, a week is a fair amount of time to drive the coast providing you don't want to spend multiple days in a lot of cities.


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    hi we plan also to do that trip but the otherway around fly in to NY stay there for a few days and then drive down to miami and the keys, eiether this october or next spring but we are unsecure about the weather ! what is to prefer ?

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    Default Either Way, Either Time

    It makes almost no difference which way you go or whether you do it in the Spring or Fall. I will say that Spring is slightly preferable because you will avoid hurricane season and especially if you can arrange to be in Washington during the cherry blossom bloom (typically late March - early April). The one caveat with your proposed addition of the Keys is that getting there and back to Miami will take the better part of two days, seriously cutting down on the time you have available for the rest of your trip. AZBuck

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