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  1. Default I need some New England and southeast Canada ideas! Help! Or some Utah and Nevada!

    Hey everyone. glad to find a community of fellow roadtrippers. I seem to not be able to get enough. I just got done with a 4,000 mile driving journey last month and now I am off for another in August. I need some advice.

    I will be going from Oklahoma and driving to Philly by going through Tenessee, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland... from Philly I plan on going to Boston... I'm going to stop in NYC... from Boston up through Vermont and New Hampshire into Canada... I thought I'd drive through Quebec, New Brunswick, up to PEI, then Nova Scotia, then back through and cross into Maine... go down Maine and visit the rest of New England, then to Baltimore. In Baltimore my road trip companion will be dropping me in Baltimore. From Baltimore I have a plane ticket to San Francisco. I'll be driving SFO to Reno, then to Salt Lake City, then down into Southern Utah, then Denver, and then back into Oklahoma.

    I am pretty stumped on New England ideas and want some suggestions from those of you who are from there or who had roadtripped there. I hear a lot of good things about Maine and upstate New York as well. Only thing I really know in upstate New York is the Baseball and boxing halls of fame (which I'm planning on visiting) I like to travel kind of smaller highways, I love to just see the scenery. I live in a city so I just want to get away from city for awhile and see the sky.

    I am also really into hiking and want to find some good places. Anyone hiked in Canada? How is it? Any good places? I love the coast as well. Any suggestions?

    I have found some good desintations from my SFO -> OKlahoma part of the trip but I also would love any suggestions. You know just places you have roadtripped too and felt like "this is amazing!" You know what I'm talkin about!! :D
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    How about the Kancamagus Highway? It runs from Lincoln to Conway in New Hampshire. At Conway I got on 113 to 302 and headed east to Maine. I continued on that south east to Portland past Sebago Lake.

    Also, from Boston you can head up I-93 to I-89 to Montpelier, VT. Along that route you can get to Lexington/Concord, New Hampshire, the famed beginning site of the Revolutionary War and Manchester, NH. You can take US 302 from Montepelier East to 112 (The Kancamagus) and head into Maine as I previously stated.

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    Seeing as you'll be in upstate New York in August, maybe you might consider a day at the races in Saratoga? If horse racing interests you in the least I would recommend it. Also, if you're interested in the Baseball and Boxing Halls of Fame, have you considered the Basketball Hall of Fame? If you're driving from NYC to Boston, I assume you'll most likely be driving thru Hartford CT via 91N-->84E-->Mass Pike . Skipping 84E by staying on 91N up to Springfield and jumping on the Mass Pike up there isn't too much of a detour if that Hall interests you.

    If you are looking for hiking I'd look into the White Mountains area of NH, or any of the mountain areas of VT. Based on your route it sounds like you might go into/out of Canada through Burlington VT? If so, I'd suggest setting aside a few hours to check that place out. It's a great college town with a vibrant downtown area. Very "earthy-crunchy" vibe up there.

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