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    Hey I am a senior in High School in Boston, Mass. A few friends and I are going to college in the West Coast next year and we thought that the best way to end our High School careers is take a road trip out to college. Also, since I will be majoring in Music, I will need to bring all my musical equipment, so I thought the best way to do this was to drive it out there.

    I have no experience doing road trips and I have no idea the logistics of how to plan for it. Buying a car for this trip doesn't seem practical because none of us want/can have a car our freshman year in college, but renting seems impossible since none of us are 25. However we all want to make this trip badly, and are trying to find ways to make this work. If any of you guys could give me advice on how to succeed with this road-trip that would be greatly appreciated. We would be starting out in Boston and most likely end in Los Angeles/San Diego area.

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    I really don't see how you'd have a choice to do anything other than buy a car if you want to make this a cross country drive. If you were 21 or over, renting would be an option, but since you're not that old, renting won't be an option.

    If you had a friend who would be willing to give you a ride, that would also work, but when it comes right down to it, someone is going to have to own a car.

    Since you're going to be going to school in LA, is it possible that you would want a car there anyway? That would really be the easiest option. Buying a car just for a roadtrip usually isn't the best idea in a practical and cost effective sense, but since you'd have plenty of time to prepare, find a car, and get it inspected before you leave - and since you'll be living in LA once your trip is done, you'll have time to try to sell the car on your own and get a reasonable price for it. Just remember, any car you intend to sell in California has to meet their smog test before it can be sold.

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