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  1. Default road trip from NYC to Californiaaaaaa........please helpppppppp me

    Hi everybody, i'm new and first of all sorry for my english...i'm italian....

    Me and my boyfriend are trying to plan a road trip (by car) from Nyc to Las Vegas and i need help to find the best solution for our trip.
    We have 26 days to spend for our trip.
    I've planned out a detailed route but now am finalising and wanted to check it was realistic.

    DAY 1: NYC to Washington - 5 h
    DAY 3: COLUMBUS to ST.LOUIS - 7 h
    DAY 4: ST. Louis to Oklaoma - 9 h
    DAY 5: Oklaoma to Albuquerque (or santa fè) - 10 h
    DAY 6: Albuquerque to Canyon de Chelly - 6 h
    DAY 7: Canyon de chelly to Grand Canyon Village 7 h (visiting Navajo reserv and monument Valley)
    DAY 8: Grand Canyon to S. George - 7 h (visiting Zion antional park)
    DAY 9: S. George to Las V - 2 h
    DAY 10: Las V.
    DAY 11: Las v. to Death Valley - 4 h
    DAY 12: Death Valley - San Diego - 8 h
    DAY 13: San Diego
    DAY 14: San Diego
    DAY 15: San Diego to LA - 3 h
    DAY 16: LA
    DAY 17: LA to S. Louis obispo by coast - 5 h
    DAY 18: S Louis to Monterey - 5 h
    DAY 19: Monterey - Santa Cruz - 2 h
    DAY 20: Santa Cruz - San Francisco - 1 h
    DAY 21: San Francisco
    DAY 22:San Francisco
    DAY 23: San Francisco to Sacramento - 3 h
    DAY 24: Sacramento to Bodie - 6 h
    DAY 25: Bodie to Fresno
    DAY 26: Fresno to LA

    What do u think about it (i really don't know nothing about america and what to see and visit (even if i'v bought 2 huge guides about it)? We have to visit something more important or more beautiful than that? What do you suggest?

    I just want to make sure I'm being sensible in terms of the distance we can cover as it is me and my boyfriend driving we can sharing the driving. We'll be sensible in terms of lots of breaks and setting off early but I'd love to have some reassurance from experienced road trippers that we won't be struggling to cover the miles and exhausting ourselves.

    Thanks for any help you can offer and thank for this great!


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Looking at your plan, considering that you are really spending all of your time in the Southwest, it seems like it would make more sense just to fly out west and start your roadtrip out there. Your current plans to drive across country aren't necessarily too much, but they also really won't give you much time to see anything either. By the time you factor in fuel and a one way drop off fee for a rental car, flying could quite easily be a cheaper options.

    Also, we need a little clarification on where this trip is supposed to end. You mention both Vegas and Los Angeles as stopping points.

    In either case, you're doing a few things kind of backwards and/or have a routing that requires a bit of backtracking. You also didn't list any plans to visit Yosemite or Sequoia National Parks, which are two of the more popular stops in this area.

    A few points that really stand out:
    Day 7 and 8 will be pretty tough. Trying to visit Monument Valley, the Grand Canyon, and Zion plus do all the driving required here means you really won't have much time at all to enjoy any of the parks. You could quite easily spend a full day at each of these places - especially the Grand Canyon which is a huge place. I'd add at least one more day here.

    Day 24/25 could be problematic. First, you've got the Sierra Nevada mountains in the way here, so you're talking about two crossings to go from Sacramento (where you probably don't need to spend a full day) to Bodie and then back across the mountains again to Fresno. That makes for a lot of driving, and more importantly since you listed this as a spring trip, you could have a problem with the mountain passes still being closed. They typically don't open up until at least may, but quite often June.

    In any case, it would probably make more sense to go from Death Valley, north to Bodie, then cross the mountains, make your way over to San Francisco, and then down the Coast. At the very least, that will save you some time since you won't be making 3 seperate north/south trips across California (DV to SD, SD to SF, SF back to LA)

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    I'd like to add - if you are getting your drive time estimates from online mapping programs, add 20%. The computer does not account for traffic, construction, or the need to stop for anything.

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