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    Hi All,

    My fiancée and I are looking at going on an East-Coast road trip for our honeymoon this August and I have a few questions I wonder if you could help us with.

    The first is are we mad to even think about this? We are both 23 from the UK, neither of us have been to the US before let alone a road trip! Secondly I am wondering if you could had an ideas about stop off places? We are looking to have a 7-10 day trip and would ideally like to see New York City and Toronto, and if possible Boston (mainly just because I'm a huge Bruins fans! Shame on me I know!). We want to be able to see a fair bit but also enjoy our time and not be rushing around from place to place. The third question is about car hire, we would love to do the trip a classic american car, so thinking either a Cadillac or a Mustang, do any of you know the best website to hire one of these from?

    After typing all this I'm thinking to myself that we must sound a bit mad! I really hope that this isnt beyond reach as it just seems like the perfect honeymoon!

    Thanks a lot in advance! :)
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    Default Questions in Return

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The answers to your questions depend, in large measure, on information that you haven't given us. For example - How old will you be at the time of your trip? If you will both be 25+, then there should be no problems with renting a car and taking it into Canada, as long as you return it to the place you rented it from. You simply will not be able to rent a car in the U.S. and return it in Canada. Even dropping it off in a different city may be a problem if you rent a 'specialty' car. If you are between 21 and 24, then you can expect to pay a fairly hefty premium, $25/day/driver, as an 'underage' driver. If you are under 21, then while companies will be legally required to rent to you in New York (but not elsewhere) you will be charged a higher premium, will be limited in your choice of cars, and will probably not be allowed to take it out of the country.

    Next, you say you want a "classic American car" such as a Mustang or Cadillac. If you are thinking of the 'classic' versions of these cars from the 60's (Mustang) or 50's (Cadillac) the price and restrictions on such rentals make them prohibitive for the kind of RoadTrip you are planning. You can get a modern Mustang convertible ('or similar', usually a Chrysler Sebring convertible) or Cadillac ("or similar", usually a Lincoln Town Car), but these will run you 2-4 times the cost of a standard mid-sized sedan.

    Finally, a week to ten days is quite sufficient for a leisurely drive through New England, starting and ending in either New York or Boston. Both for airfare and car rental costs it is better if you use a single city as your entry/departure and pick-up/drop-off for the car. Trying to add Toronto would definitely put a bit of a strain on your scheduling, but Montréal could be added without too much difficulty.

    Anyway, you still have a bunch of decisions to make, so I hope this information helps. If you need more, just ask.


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    Thanks for the quick reply AZBuck,

    Sorry, I realised that I hadnt put our ages on the post first time, have edited it now though. We'll both be 23 on our honeymoon. Yer we are looking more of a modern day version of these classic cars and to have our start/finish points in the same place. To be honest I have no idea where to start on planning this adventure so am running round this website and the internet trying to get a such info as I can, so any help would be amazing!

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    Convertibles are generally considered premium cars, and as such, they may not be available at all to you because of your ages. In any case, you'll already be looking at an extra fee of about $25 per day because you are under age 25, so unless you've got a virtually unlimited budget, you're probably going to be much better off just going with a regular sedan.

    Otherwise, I think you just need to spend a little more time figuring out what it is you want to see. Certainly, you can gain a lot of information just by looking around here, but I'd also pick up a few guidebooks and do lots of reading just to start getting a feel for what things would be must sees for you. Once you've got a more solid foundation, it will be easier for us to give you other tips and suggestions that will work with your plan.

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