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    My partner & I are honeymooning in the Sates from Australia in late June early July.... We are planning to drive from LA to Vegas... then make our way to San Fran... we have 1 or 2 days spare in between so we were wondering what would be the best route & where would it be best to stay the night?

    Should we go back towards LA to do the coastal route up to San Fran?.. or drive up through yosemite and death valley?

    We originally thought to stay a night or so in Napa but it seems a little pricey so we may just do a day tour from San Fran... that way someone else can be our driver whilst we wine taste!

    If you could help out would be great! I cant read maps and my partner will be driving on the otherside of the road for the first time.... fun times ahead for a newly married couple! haha

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    That's really not a question that we -or anyone else- can answer because there is no one-size fits all "best" route. Both of the options you've laid out are great trips, but the right answer for you depends completely on what's more interesting to you.

    The 3rd option would be to simply finish the loop. Drive across DV and Yosemite on your way to San Francisco, an then drive down the coast and finish your trip in LA.

    There are tons of threads, tips, and field reports from this loop (which is far and away the most popular topic on this forum) so spend some time looking around and get an idea of what things you think you'd like best.

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    Hi nessiewolfe,

    I am from Germany and last year I made a trip in USA southwest with a very good friend of mine. We left Las Vegas and went to Death Valley where it is really breath taking. From Death Valley we drove to Bodie StatePark - an old (ghost) Gold Mining City what was really awesome (search in Google). From there we had a one day trip to Yosemite NP. From there we drove to Sacramento. But I would say it is just optional, because there is not so much to see. From Sacramento we went to Napa Valley. I did not like it there very much. It is very commercial and the landscape there is not very interesting. OK, maybe I compare it too much with the rhine valley where I live. It is not very "cultural" there, only tourist mob and stuff like this. If you like "authentic" whine areas better come to Europe, where you see thousands of years whine history in old rocks, lonely castles etc. What I want to say - do not expect too much from Napa Valley. A lot of friends of mine who have been there are telling that. But better make your own "picture" of it :-)
    A must see is the Highway 1 from SF to LA. It is a really great curvy route with many scenic places.
    But you at least have to plan 4-5 days if you do that trip (without Sacramento).

    My father did this trip alot of times with his Harley Davidson and he would do it again and again :-)

    Please excuse my bad english - I tried to give my best. If you need some more informations from me, don't hesitate to contact me.

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