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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Sedenquist View Post

    You guys must have been driving too fast....

    yeah, we got in and got out as quickly as possible. we didn't have time to see the sights. part 3 will be up by the end of tonight or tomorrow.

    also thanks for the picture information. i'll see if i can get them put up soon.
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    Road Trip Day 3 - November 9, 2008
    Shreveport, Louisiana - Greenville, South Carolina

    I appreciate all of the kind words so far. here is part 3!

    This is part one of a 4 day trip around the south east. No sights or tourist traps. Just road. We lived a dream those four days. We were armed with a camera and a small notebook. This is DAY 3 of the story of our pictures, notes, and memories.

    Day three began in Shreveport, Louisiana and began on a failure. We left at 7am instead of 6am, an hour after we should have. We got backed up because of that all important sleep. With the hour we would lose crossing back into the eastern time zone we were already behind two hours.

    At 7am we head out onto the road and leave the Casino Land of Shreveport, Louisiana. There were a ton on Bobby Jindal bumper stickers. They love that guy down there. In the beginning hour on the third day of this trip we began with a hope for Mississippi. We thought that the things on the road throughout Mississippi would be worth while. The sky was the bluest I have ever seen on this morning driving east on Interstate 20 through Louisiana, east of Shreveport but west of Monroe. We passed farm after farm after farm. There were also a large amount of casinos and I was very tempted to gamble throughout the state at the rest stops, but we already needed to make up two hours somehow and I didn't want to waste any money. The most interesting thing we saw on the road was a tank on the back of a truck.

    Heading through the state we realized fully that this was the trip that we were looking for; a ton of road and a ton of states. At 10am we reach the Mississippi border. What a great area this was. At Interstate 20 we reach Vicksburg and the state welcome center. The river and the bridge looked amazing with the bright blue skies. The magnolia state seemed welcoming. I blew up this picture and have this picture on my wall it was so amazing. Although the welcome center was amazing the state welcome center did still have the picture of the president of the confederacy, Jefferson Davis, hanging on the wall.

    Mississippi was full of deforestation along the interstate and a ton of pine trees as we headed further east. It looked like one match in the wrong place would be a huge problem. Alabama was more of the same. There wasn't much to write home about these two states. There were just pine trees. A ton of pine trees. At 1pm, after 3 hours of Mississippi we get to Alabama. It was the last state on the trip that we haven't been to. The trip to Georgia and north to PA would have been states we have seen.

    The common theme, if you've read for the last two updates, was the conversation of BEAN. This time we decided that we would do another road trip but we would bring someone next time. We joked that they'll think they are better than the BEAN!!!, that they won't need the BEAN!!! We'll watch them suffer and GIVE IN TO THE ALMIGHTY BEAN!!! Coffee was amazing. We saw some empty lots and gas stations along the way. We wouldn't stop there because I figured "if we're going to a place where even the gas station is closed that it couldn't have good bean."

    Alabama wore us down in a way similar to Arkansas. Pine trees and nothing much else. Being behind schedule we didn't stop much either. The sun was setting as we hit the Georgia welcome center to get our map. Atlanta was filled with traffic. To this point we've been able to go around major cities such as Memphis and avoid the high traffic areas but Atlanta was not the case. We got stuck and for a long time. It was 8pm in Atlanta and we still had to get to Greenville, South Carolina. It was nearly 1030 when we settled into our hotel in Greenville. Once we got off interstate 85 it was tough to find a decent place to stay, though. Surprising to me about the area was that the buildings were much larger than I had expected. I wouldn't call them skyscrapers but they were multi-floor buildings.

    We were utterly and completely exhausted at the end of a 14 and a half hour day. The milage was slightly less than the second day but the time of travel was much longer than either one of the days. Being November, the temperature had been fluctuating. It was between 45 and 70 degrees depending on where we were and we were beginning to feel the effects of being in a dozen states in 3 days. My buddy got sick. Some type of cold or something had set in by the time we finally got in the hotel. The coughing was loud and neither one of us had the greatest night of sleep because of it. We would leave at 6am for day 4, so we would run on less than 7 hours of not so good sleep. This was something we weren't counting on. Officially, we were on the way home.

    Fun Facts:
    Start Point: Shreveport, LA
    End Point: Greenville, SC
    States Traveled: LA, MS, AL, GA, SC
    Miles: 744
    Total Miles: 2175
    Road Time: 14:30
    Total Road Time: 39:19

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    Default The Last Day:

    Road Trip Day 1 - November 10, 2008
    Greenville, SC - Allentown, PA

    This is part one of a 4 day trip around the south east. No sights or tourist traps. Just road. We lived a dream those four days. We were armed with a camera and a small notebook. This is the final day of the story from our pictures, notes, and memories.

    We begin the day in the darkness of the Greenville, South Carolina hotel. My friend was getting pretty sick. My guess is that it's from the various temperature changes. There was a 50 degree spread.

    We start the last day of our journey heading on US 25 north to the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in North Carolina. We left South and North Carolina as quickly as we came in. It was pitch black when we took the picture of the North Carolina state sign. The sky started to get lighter and we hit a pretty nice fog heading towards the foothills of the Smokeys. It left rather quickly.

    It was 27 degrees as we took Interstate 26 into the mountains. We stopped at every scenic rest area that we could find along this route. Climbing every mountain we could and taking as many pictures as possible. 7:30am with the sun rising over the Smokey Mountains. It couldn't get better. The colors were popping out perfectly at this point of the fall and the images of that morning will never leave. Through all the planning I overlooked this area of the geography and it was a nice surprise for the final day of the trip.

    We were in Virginia on Interstate 81 by 10:30 taking a picture of the state sign and the map. We left the mountains to the rolling Virginia hills. We traveled between the mountains. This is a very nice part of the country but we just wanted to get home at this point. From here on in was the stuff that we already had seen. We finally are finished with Virginia at 2pm and we can not wait to get home. We didn't stop in Virginia. No sit down lunch and no sites. We just wanted to finish.

    We go through 10 miles of Maryland on I-81 and enter Pennsylvania, on the home stretch. We are finished with the last day by 4:30pm.

    Finally, at the end of the trip I ask if we should make the trip longer, or make it short and go to Maine. My friend says longer and not Maine. He jokingly adds that he wants to go and die in Maine.

    Fun Facts:
    Start Point: Greenville, SC
    End Point: Allentown, PA
    States Traveled: SC, NC, TN, VA, WV, MD, PA
    Miles: 649
    Total Miles: 2825
    Road Time: 10:30
    Total Time: 40:49
    Total States Traveled: PA, MD, WV, KY, TN, AR, TX, LA, MS, AL, GA, SC, NC, TN, VA, WV, MD, PA

    On Tuesday Morning when we woke up I was at college in Bethlehem and my buddy was back in Boyertown in his apartment. At that point I hated the trip. I regretted it. I was exhausted and worn out. I had to go to class that day and had no desire. We both got pretty sick afterwards, too. I attribute that to the 70 degrees in West Virginia on Day 1 and the changed to 27 degrees on Day 4 in the Tennessee mountains. After we recovered the stories of this road trip become our own personal tale told over and over again ad nauseum until our friends and girlfriends begged us to stop. It's been 16 months. We still talk of the man we met bringing his truck to his mother in Maryland. We still talk of how Arkansas went on and on and on. We still talk about the Smokey Mountains. The picture of the Mississippi River at Vicksburg hangs on my wall. The second trip of this nature is in the work over seven days for August. The miles per day count will be lower each day, by as many as 300 miles.

    Coming up...
    In May 2009 my brother, my girlfriend, and I went to Frederick, Maryland for my cousin's wedding. During that weekend we took a trip to Harper's Ferry, West Virginia.

    Over 6 days in August 2009 my girlfriend and I drove from the Poconos to Burlington, VT across New Hampshire via the Kancamagus to Portland, Maine finishing up in Manchester, New Hampshire before heading back to PA.

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    Just to update I uploaded some of the better pictures from this trip onto my profile!

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    Great trip report! I wish I would've done something like this when I was in college!

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