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  1. Default Can somebody please help urgently ----> San Francisco to Las Vegas

    Hi. I am staying in san francisco and planning to go for las vegas by car. I am planning to go by //I-5 S, Blue Star Memorial Hwy/CA-58 E and I-15 N// as i dont have too many holidays. Hence i want to reach vegas by the shortest route. Also,i am the only one who is going to drive. I have got 2 options:
    Day 1. Leave early morning, drive for 9 hours and reach vegas. However i dont know how is the route. Can somebody please let me know how is the route and if it is really very tiring to drive for 9 hours in one day.
    Day2, Day3: Vegas
    Day4: Start off in the morning and back to San Francisco
    Day1: Start in the evening around 5o clock. Drive for 4-5 hours and stay on the way for night
    Day2: Leave early morning and reach vegas by afternoon
    Day3: Vegas
    Day4: Start back by afternoon. Drive for 5-6 hours and stay somewhere on the way for night
    Day5: Start in the morning and reach san francisco.

    Can somebody please help me urgently regarding which of the option looks better as i am going for the first time.
    Also if i go by option2, can someone suggest some good staying place on the way.


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    You need to allow at least 10 hours. It's very doable in one day, but if you want to break it up, you can stay in Bakersfield or Barstow.

    Note that getting in and out of SF in morning and evening rush hours is difficult. I wouldn't even think about trying to leave at 5pm.

    If you are leaving downtown SF, I'd take 280 to 85 to 101 south to Gilroy, then 152 to 5. Then take 46 from 5 to 99, and 99 to 58. The roads are all 65/70 mph freeways except 152, 46, and part of 58.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Yes, this trip can certainly be done in a day, but either option would work. 9-10 hours can be fairly tiring, but it shouldn't be too bad. Personally, I'd rather do that than try to drive until 10 pm then wake up early the next morning, where you'll be shortchanging your sleep a little bit.

    And of course, since you don't have any time for siteseeing, this is a solo trip, and you've got such a short timeframe, I'd also look at flying. Its quite likely you could find a plane ticket for less money than you can drive yourself.

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