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  1. Default best route from boston to yellowstone?

    Hi Gang,

    I'm beginning to plan a road trip w/ my husband & two kids (teenagers) for this August. We're thinking that we'll take two weeks off to drive from Boston to Yellowstone. Any suggestions for the best route and places to visit along the way would be much appreciated. (Think teenagers...) Seems like Mt Rushmore is a definite but other than ending in Yellowstone - we are flexible.

    I'd also appreciate any suggestions for good campsites & cheap/clean motels along the way.

    Thanks a lot!


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The most straightforward route is going to be to take I-90 all the way across. That's going to take you through Cleveland (Rock & Roll HoF, Sandusky Theme Parks), Chicago, Wisconsin Dells (lots of waterparks and other touristy fun) and the Badlands/Blackhills/Mount Rushmore.

    If you're looking for some alternates for the way back, I'd look at I-94, through North Dakota (Teddy Roosevelt NP) and Minneapolis, and If you've got passports, you could cut through Canada instead of going under the great lakes, and hit Niagara Falls.

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    Two weeks is barely enough time for a roundtrip between Boston and Yellowstone. at around 2,500 miles one way, you're looking at needing about 5 days before you start adding sightseeing stops. So whatever route(s) you take are going to have to be pretty close to the most direct, and use the Interstates wherever possible. The most efficient route would be pretty much just a straight shot on I-90 using US-14 between the park and Ranchester, WY. One possible alternative would be (described eastbound) to head up to Billings, MT on the Beartooth Highway (US-212) and then use I-94 to Fargo, ND. From there, US-10/MN-210/US-2 would get you to Sault Ste Marie where you'd cross into Canada and take the Trans-Canada Highway to Montréal, QB-10/QB-35/QB-133 to the border and I-89/I-93 to Boston.


  4. Default Pls advise: salt lake city-yellowstone-cody-jackson

    Anyone done this route? Flying Boston to Salt Lake City. Driving to Yellowstone - Cody Wyoming - Jackson Hole - back to SLC. In 9 days.

    I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions about what to see - what to avoid. Don't want to make my kids (16, 13) crazy with trying to do much in too short a time. Not sure if Cody is worth it.

    Also trying to sort out how many days to stay in Cody & Jackson. Planning to stay in Yellowstone for 3 nites/4 days.

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    Default Salt Lake to Yellowstone

    I've previously recommended taking US-89 for this journey and I think that advice still holds. There's plenty to do along it at a pace that shouldn't bore or frazzle your kids.


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    Have you thought of giving each of the children a destination, or leg of the journey, and do the research as to what there is in that town, or along that route. They'd probably leave you for dead with what they can find on the internet.

    There is no way you will make them crazy during the trip when they have been involved in the planning.

    Lifey who travelled with five children

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    Default Good dam advice..........

    .........Flaming Gorge Dam, of course.

    Hello Nancy,

    Flying to SLC is a great idea. It's a large, modern facility and is a Delta hub, so there is much competition among carriers.

    If you free up time by making it a fly-n-drive, you could install some rafting on the Snake River near Jackson, WY or on the Green River below Flaming Gorge Dam. I ran the first 8 miles of the Green after putting in at Flaming Gorge a couple of years back, and it's a very gentle float down a scenic canyon--not an intense whitewater trip. I imagine the teens would enjoy it.


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    Default You might want to sway towards Cody

    Quote Originally Posted by Nancy View Post
    Also trying to sort out how many days to stay in Cody & Jackson.
    From my experience, I'd suggest Jackson is only worth a day: it's a picturesque enough place in that it's very "Western" (although boardwalks and saloons) but there's not actually a huge amount to see or do there.

    Cody on the other hand is wonderful - and your teenage children will have plenty to see and do, including:
    The nightly rodeo
    Buffalo Bill Museum
    The reconstructed Old Trail Town
    The nightly shoot outs

    EDIT: Just noticed you originally said Jackson Hole (which is a different place from Jackson). I may be wrong but our impression was that Jackson Hole was little more than a resort town with very little character. It's convenient enough if you're looking for overnight lodging but, personally speaking, I didn't see anything that would persuade me to stay.

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