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    Default Las Vegas to Miami

    Hello everyone,

    What a fab website and just what we need.

    My fiance and I are going travelling after our wedding and will be in America in June-August. June 18th we arrive in Las Vegas and have until the 2nd August to drive down to Miami where we fly out. Any tips, thoughts or advice would be appreciated. We are unsure whether to hire a car and stop at motels etc, hire an RV or we've heard of 'driveaway'. Also if you have any suggestions on places we should definately see on our way down. We obviously want to spend some time in Las Vegas & do the Grand Canyon and then also in Miami and visit Orlando so we need time in each place to do that. I think we've given ourselves approximately 4 weeks to do the driving.

    Any suggestions or advice would be great

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    Default choices

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    As far as your transportation goes, RV vs car is really a lifestyle choice. Going with cars and motels will likely be cheaper, but some people love traveling by RV, where they can take everything with them and spend their nights right out with nature.

    Driveaways can be an option, but you'll give up a lot of freedom. You'll be limited to going only where they have cars available that need to go to a specific destination, and you'll have a limited amount of time to get there. You wouldn't be able to pick up a car in Vegas, have it for a month, and then drop it off in Florida. You'd likely have about a week to 10 days to get between those points, with a limit on the amount of miles you could go away from the direct route.

    As far as what to see. With more than a month of time, and two points on opposite ends of the country, its really not possible to even start given recommendations. Your best best it to get a good map and do some reading to get an idea of the major things you'd like to see and do. Once you've got a basic idea, then we can help you put things together.

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    Default Driveaway

    Quote Originally Posted by stu&rach View Post
    Hello everyone,
    ............. or we've heard of 'driveaway'.
    Driveaway is a great way to travel if you are looking at winging it... without an itenary, and not caring where you go. As stated above, the relocation of a vehicle is set to a (generous) time limit and a restriction on miles, though this is liberal and rarely checked. Even if you go over, you can always pay for the extra miles.

    I relocated some two dozen cars for the driveaway company over two trips in 2001 and 2004. I would just choose a car to go to whatever destination, and when I got there, would rent a vehicle and do some local tripping around. Then look for another car to take me to another destination, and do the same. Often choosing a destination of which I had never heard, just to see what is there. This way I travelled coast to caost and border to border a dozen times and many, many trips in between, always visiting NP and other places of interest along the route.

    e.g. I drove a vehicle from Orlando to DC, another from DC to McHendry north of Chicago, rented a vehicle in Chicago to go see friends in St Paul, MN and dropped it off in Milwaukee, where I picked up a vehicle which went to Nevada City CA. Then rented a vehicle to take me to SF and finally down the coast to LAX.

    If you are travelling with a tight itenary, you will not find driveaway a suitable means of transport. If you are adventurous enough to accept whatever you see and wherever you end up, I can highly recommend it.

    Lifey who would happily do it again
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    Default Up and down ?

    Congratulations on your up coming wedding and welcome !

    any suggestions on places we should definately see on our way down
    As Michael said you will have to do a little research and put dot's on the map before we can be of real use to you, but I would also look a little North of the Grand canyon and consider going up before heading down.

    If your interests include scenic wonders then Arizona, Utah and Colorado offer some beauty's ! Have a look at the interactive map on the National parks website to find such place's as Zion, Bryce canyon, Arches, Canyonlands, Rocky mountain NP etc as well as the Grand canyon. Check out roads such as Scenic 12 in Utah, the "Million dollar highway" in Colorado and places in New Mexico such as Taos and Santa Fe. There is so much to choose from [Memphis, New Orleans, both ?] so use the search button on RTA along with a good map to start piecing it together and we can go from there, Enjoy !

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    Thank you for the suggestions so far. We are going to be having a look through and working out some sort of route, but really just wanted to know what the best way to travel would be.
    Thanks again

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    Default For a Honeymoon

    I would think that your best bet would be to simply rent a car and enjoy some different romantic inns, B&Bs and the like that reflect the local style as you cross the country. This gives you the freedom to go wherever you like without the hassle of dragging your accommodations with you. As pointed out, RVing tends not to save, but cost, although it would be cheaper than high end motels and B&Bs, and driveaways limit you in the sense that you must go where the car is going and the timeframe for getting the car to its destination is typically short enough to preclude much sight seeing along the way.


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    Default Thank you

    AZBuck thanks for the advice - I think this is what we will do. Will look into car hire at the weekend.
    I have also found a website which shows a good route to go from Vegas to Miami -just what we needed!!

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    Default ?

    There are several websites that will plot out the most direct route between two cities, but I thought this was going to be a month long roadtrip?

    I guess even in that case, you can still have a good time exploring what's on that one route, but I think the point that you've seemed to miss from several previous posts is that there are so many options with the time you have that you don't have to limit yourself. You've got the time to see almost anything you'd like in the US, and while that will require a little bit of work to figure out what it is you'd like to do, I would think that would be a whole lot more rewarding than just going where a computer program told you to go.

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    Default Websites

    Hi Midwest Michael,

    I think you misinterpreted what I said. We actually took your advice from your first post and looked into different cities. We have researched online and found a website which will show us different routes and then from there we can choose a route to go. We have about 4 weeks on the road and just needed some guidance on whereabouts to go from people who have travelled it previously. From all the advice given we are then able to create our own route.

    Thank you for all your help and guidance
    Stu & Rach

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