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    Default Grateful For Advice


    We are in the early stages of planning our road trip, which is planned for 14 days, July through August. I would be really interested to find out your thoughts on wether or not it's do-able. The basic route we have planned is:

    1. Arrive LAX (2 Nights)
    2. North to San Luis Obispo (1 Night)
    3. San Fran (2 Nights)
    4. Yosemeti (1 Night)
    5. Bishop (1 Night)
    6. Death Valley (1 Night)
    7. Las Vegas (2 Night)
    8. Grand Canyon (1 Night)
    9. Phoenix (1 Night)
    10. LA (2 Nights)

    I beleive this route to be roughly 39 hours driving.

    Is this too much driving and is there enough to see enroute. If I should shorten the route, where would you suggest. We are open to options, although it must start and end in LA. I will be travelling with my wife and two teenage daughters.

    Thank You In Advance.

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    Default good outline

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Your basic outline looks fine. Its fairly brisk, but there's nothing that's too impossible.

    If I was going to cut anything out, I'd skip Phoenix, as it is kind of out of the way and it doesn't sound like you're really going to have much time there anyway.

    There are thousands of posts about this basic outline - its far and away the most popular topic on the forum, and someone else just posted nearly the exact same itinerary a few minutes before you. Spend a little time browsing and searching the forum, and you'll find tons of other tips and ideas.

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    Default Agreed.

    I'm with Michael regarding Phoenix purely from a timing point of view, and I would maximise your time at the Grand canyon. It will take a good 5 hours to get there from Vegas, so I would spend most of the next day exploring the South rim and stay close by again the following night and take a long drive direct to LA.

    It's probably to early to book yet but if you want to stay in Yosemite and Grand canyon you will have to book lodgings at the earliest possible time. You can find info by clicking on the NPS map.

    I beleive this route to be roughly 39 hours driving.
    This looks to be direct from a mapping program and you can expect more hours of driving, not only are they not that realistic, being of a non human form they forget the need to take breaks for food, bathroom and getting out of the car once in a while. Add to that the extra miles you will cover around the parks etc and it soon adds up but again in agreement with Michael, you can cover the ground quite comfortably as long as you don't mind keeping on the move. Also worth keeping in mind is the ground you will be covering will have some "out of this world scenery" and will be part of the adventure, adding time to take in the views will not make it feel like a chore.

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    Default Thank You


    Thank you very much for the advice. It is so difficult trying to plan such a trip from 1000's of miles away.

    In respect to the Grand Canyon, would you agree that this is very much a "must see" out of the whole trip. Is it worth the 10 hour round drive from Vegas.


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    Default Your welcome.

    With the Grand canyon being one of the "Wonders of the world" my answer would be most definitely a "Yes, yes, yes ! Of course that is my opinion and I have heard it referred to [on very rare occasion] as a "big hole in the ground", but that is beyond my comprehension for anyone with a Soul, Lol !

    I am not sure why you have referred to it as a "10 hour round trip from Vegas" ? There is no need to go anywhere near Vegas on the way to LA and certainly wouldn't consider it as a day trip from Vegas.

    Your trip will be unbelievably good, have no doubt about that !

    [If you have doubts take a look at the "snaps" of my Grand canyon album page.
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    Default grand canyon

    Thanks for the advice. Your pics look great. Yosemite NP looks brilliant too. Researching the grand canyon, it looks like the south rim is the most fabulous and it would be fun to stay in that area for a night. On google map the drive time from the south rim to los angeles is between eight and ten hours. Would you say that's about right? Going through Phoenix appears to take the same length of time and we could include a stop at the Joshua Tree NP so I am still considering what's best.

    It's all very exciting planning our trip but we do not want to be too tired to enjoy ourselves by driving too far each day - especially with two teenagers. This is a first for us, we are usually to be seen lounging by a pool in Greece in the summer.

    Planning a stay at the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo and Yosemite Bugs in Yosemite area (recommended in forum) but have not got any further than that with booking lodgings. We plan to stay in some basic motels for part of our trip but we want some fun hotels too and both the Madonna Inn and Yosemite bugs look really good in very different ways.

    I would love to hear about accommodation others have stayed in.

    Mrs I

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    Default 100 miles

    Its a good 10 hours back to LA via I-40 from the South Rim once you factor in just basic stops for fuel, food, etc. Depending upon where in the LA area you are going, you also need to potentially add in more time for added miles and traffic.

    Going through Phoenix adds a solid 100 miles to the trip. You're basically looking at 2 more hours on the road. If you're just looking to see Joshua Tree on the way back, it would be a lot shorter to take I-40 to California and then cut south.

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    If you would like to see Joshua Tree, try to have 2 days available for the trip from the GC to LA. This would allow you to drive some of old Route 66 and go through Oatman too. Deepending on how far you make it the first day, you could stay in either Needles or 29 Palms.


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