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    Default Summer '10: GA, NM, CA, WA, MT, CO, GA in pop-up!

    Whoo-hooo! Did I luck out by finding this site last night or what?!? Hi everyone!

    I can't wait to read all I can before our trip this summer. We're taking a 38-day trip in our pop-up. The first leg of the trip will consist of my BFF, son (14), daughter (12) and me. Here's our draft itinerary so far:

    Starting June 11:
    Home - Douglasville, GA
    Memphis, TN
    Bragss, OK
    Amarillo, TX
    Sante Fe, NM - 2 nights (Bandelier)
    Macos, CO (Mesa Verde)
    Panguitch, UT (Bryce/Zion)
    Hurricane, UT (Bryce/Zion)
    Yermo, CA (Death Valley)
    Sequoia NP, CA
    Yosemite NP, CA - 2 nights
    Redding, CA
    Corvallis, OR

    (at this point our hubbies will fly into Seattle to join us)

    Second leg:
    Federal Way, WA - 2 nights (Seattle)
    Kalaloch, WA - 2 nights (Olympia NP)
    Norland, WA - 2 nights (Ft. Flagler)

    (we now say goodbye to my BFF and her hubby, my hubby stays)

    Mt Rainier NP - 2 nights
    Athol, ID
    Glacier NP - 3 nights
    Bozeman, MT
    Yellowstone NP - 2 nights
    Grand Teton NP - 3 nights
    Rawlins, WY
    Rocky Mtn NP
    Goodland, KS
    Lawrence, KS
    Whittington, IL
    Douglasville, GA - home!

    I have some campground reservations and others I haven't made yet (too soon). Really, I don't have any specific questions. I'm just wondering if any of you have done trips like this. I'm hoping it's not too much with so many 1 night stops/popping up and down again.

    We belong to AAA and their online trip tik is a huge resource. Is there any other must-reads to prepare for our trip?

    Thanks for any and all advice!! :)
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    Default Well on Your Way

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    I've done trips similar to this, including long miles and changes of personnel, and if you have the basic logistics worked out then your major headaches should be taken care of. As you continue to plan just be sure that everyone's interests are included in the portions they'll be involved in and be sure to build in some sown time where you're not just rushing from place to place to take a few pictures. In general, a pace that I've found that I can keep up forever is covering about 400 miles a day with a couple of one to two hour stops at attractions. But you should probably scale back on that just a bit as everything from meals to fuel and bathroom breaks will take longer with your larger crew. Also, you need to plan on being off thee road and setting up camp before sunset. If there are specific areas or places where you're looking for things to do, just ask. And be sure to go to the Trip Planning and RV pages for more general help. But otherwise, looks good so far.


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    Default Wow.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    That looks like a great adventure and casting my eye over it quickly every thing looks doable and you have done a very good job. It will keep you on the go for the best part of it, but I am sure you already know that.

    As you are visiting a lot of National parks the annual pass for $80 is a must and will save you money. The Grand canyon stands out by it's absence but maybe you have been before, even though the North rim might be worth considering while in the Bryce and Zion area. The camp sites in the parks are my favorites but make sure you get them booked up as soon as they become available.

    I am pleased you are enjoying the forums and make sure you have a good look around the rest of the site for tips and info. If you have any specific questions arise just ask away, we will be pleased to help.

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    Default Thanks!

    Thanks AZBuck for reassuring me about the maximum miles to travel. Honestly, I've been trying to keep them around 350-400/day. I know what you mean about getting to a campground before sunset for set up. My fear is that I'll sleep in one morning, get a late start and end up setting up in the dark. I have a tight schedule for sure!

    SW Dave, I will buy a NP pass for sure. Someone also suggested a "passport" for the kids. Each park we enter with be stamped with a unique park and date of entry. What a great keepsake!

    As for the Grand Canyon, I wish I could squeeze it in. We're on a tight schedule leaving the day I'm finished with work and coming home just in time for DD to head to girl scout camp. I first had the GC on the agenda, but everyone was saying that if I was out that far I had to see Yosemite and Sequoia. It was a toss up between what to do and I chose to skip the GC. I've heard that Bryce was beautiful and would suffice. What do you think? Other friends who have been to the GC say it's incredible, but it's something you go to, look out and at for a while, and then you're "done". I just hope I don't regret skipping GC!

    Thanks for the great welcome you two!

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    Default Better Than JUST the Passport

    By all mens, get your kids the Nastional Parks Passport, but that's basically just a record of the parks they've visited. Better yet is to get them started on the Junior Ranger program which consists of activities at each participating park. They'll learn something about the park as well as get a unique badge.


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    Default Both are amazing.

    I've heard that Bryce was beautiful and would suffice. What do you think? Other friends who have been to the GC say it's incredible, but it's something you go to, look out and at for a while, and then you're "done".
    Both Bryce and Grand canyon are wonderful, but Bryce is more unique IMO. They both offer scenic overlooks and rim hikes looking down into the Canyon. I would describe them both as "Incredible" but "have a look and your done," is not the case for either in my opinion, so you are better off having quality time at one and soak up the atmosphere than rush the two.

    There is a nice campground at the top of Bryce canyon within the "Ruby's Inn" complex with a free shuttle bus service if you are not booked in elsewhere. The Watchman campground in Zion NP is lovely and also has a free shuttle service around the park and into the lovely little town of Springdale. Both are in great locations to visit the parks, especially when you are short on time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by duncmelsmom View Post
    ..... but it's something you go to, look out and at for a while, and then you're "done".
    Not quite!!, but even if you "just" looked, there are so many places to "look".

    However, I agree with Dave, better enjoy one, than fly past two. My guess is that after this trip you will be planning again to go see the places you had to pass by. Make sure you take a note book, and note the places time constraints prevented you from visiting. It will be the basis for your next trip.

    Lifey who is sure there will be a next

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    Default You all are so right

    This will probably give us enough taste of what's to see so we can make a return visit. It won't be anytime soon, though, after taking this mega-trip. Our next trip to is venture up and down the east coast!

    Thanks for the campsite recommendations SW Dave! I have 2 in mind, but it sounds like yours might be better. I'm off to research them now!

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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    Default Oh and Free Bus Shuttle?

    I've seen these mentioned in some of the National Parks. Is it a tour bus kind of thing where a guide describes the history, land forms, wildlife, etc. or is it a bus that takes a groups to a specific place, drops them off, and then shuttles them back? I'm wonder what these buses are like.


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    Default just a shuttle

    If you are talking about the shuttle buses in places like Zion and the Grand Canyon, these are just busses that take around the park. Other than to announce the stops, there is no tour guide.

    These often are the only way to actually get around the park, and are there to eliminate problems of traffic congestion, not to provide a tour themselves. Then generally just operate on a constant loop, going between various stopping points, with buses stopping at each point every few minutes to every half hour.

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