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    Default A Halloween RoadTrip?

    There's a very good article published this morning by the AOL Digital City Staff about nine scary roads -- with suspected paranormal activities. Read the article here, and then hopefully you'll be able to go and check one of these places out and report back here!


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    They forgot the one around here. Haven't been over there yet, but maybe this Halloween would be a good time!

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    Default I'm surprised it didn't make the list either

    I've heard about the "spook light" near Joplin several times over the last couple of decades -- Well now, since you brought it up....

    I think it's time for a field report from a reliable source.....


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    Default Hmmm. East coast bias?

    Only one west of the Mississippi, and nothing west of the Rockies?? Did all our ghosts grab the first Amtrak east?

    I'll be in Sonora (Gold Country) shortly before Halloween, and I'll keep an eye out for paranormal activity (other than what is to be expected when wife and cousin's wife get together after some time away).

    Lot's of hangings, killings and suicides up there in the 1850s, so the Mother Lode is a hotbed of ghost legends.

    We stayed in the National Hotel in Jamestown a couple years ago, and a couple at breakfast were talking about "Flo" (the resident ghost) playing games with their light switch the evening before.

    Speaking of Gold Country; hoping there'll be some gold on the trees when we get there, if so I'll post a leaf-peeping report.

    P.S. Linda's 1850s row house in Rochester had a ghost. No, I never saw it, but Linda, Kris and friends of her's vouch for seeing a menacing swirling black cloud.

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    Default Spook Hollow Road

    West of Williamsport PA on US 220 is the delightfully named "Spook Hollow Road". I've passed it a number of times (on road trips of course) but have never gone up it. The road can't possibly live up to it's name!

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    Default Hotel Nevada in Ely,

    I stayed in a room that is a favorite of paranormal-seekers at the historic Hotel Nevada in Ely. I never noticed anything out of the ordinary.

    And, of course, you gotta read our account of the Skidoo Mining Camp trip here!


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