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  1. Default Help! Fastest feasible San Francisco - New York roadtrip?

    Hello Roadtrip America forums!

    I'm trying to figure out feasibility (and budget) of really fast A-B roadtrip this October. The concept is
    * 2 adventurous (european) guys, willing to drive in turns, even during nights. Some rest would be nice, but not entirely necessary. We want to keep it safe though. We would be jetlagged anyway.
    * Renting a car from SF, leaving it to NY
    * The idea is not to have fun or enjoy the trip, but to do it. :D

    According to Google Maps, the summary is
    Total: 4,679 km - about 1 day 19 hours (up to 1 day 20 hours in traffic)

    So coast to coast in 3-4 days sounds feasible to me. What do you think? Is this doable?

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    Spend a night in SF to kick the jetlag, then take 5 days to do the trip. Anything else is not safe. Take I-80 all the way.

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    I meant we would be recovering from jetlag, and sleeping in bit odd cycles anyway. We would have recovered already.

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    Why do you consider this not safe?

    2900 miles / 4 days / 2 drivers = 362.5 miles/day/driver

    That does not sound so bad to me, I drive distances like that every few weeks. Plus, i'm somewhat familiar with driving at US, i've rented a car there for few weeks before. We are not kids. We are also very aware about the effects of fatique to human cognitive skills.

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    Default The speed run.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    As individuals we have different levels of tolerance and knowing your limits is the most important thing. The thing with two drivers is that you are going to both be in the car for over 700 miles a day which is going to be for 12 to 13 hours by the time you add on stops for food, gas and bathroom breaks. For a day, maybe 2 it's OK but beyond that and alternating driving with only two people means that when the passenger is trying to catch up on sleep as fatigue sets in the driver is alone at the wheel and could feel the effects of tiredness.
    We usually recommend a maximum of 550-600 miles on multi day trips and you might find the tips on the Art of a speed run useful.
    Having fun may not be a priority but why make it miserable ? 5 days would be the minimum we could safely recommend.

    Have a safe trip !

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    Default 1 + 1 does not equal 2

    2900 miles / 4 days / 2 drivers = 362.5 miles/day/driver
    The big problem with your theory is that you are assuming that 1 + 1 equals 2, and in this case, that's really not true.

    One person can drive safely and comfortably about 500 miles in a day, but that does not mean that 2 people then can drive 1000 miles a day, or 3 people could drive 1500 miles.

    Being a passenger in a car in itself for several hours in and of itself is physically draining. You need to factor that into the equation. Multiple Drivers aren't a license to drive non-stop.

    Could you possible make this trip in 4 days? Yeah I suppose you could. It wouldn't be much fun, and you wouldn't be able to see anything thats not right along side a freeway, but you might be able to do it safely. However, I would strongly advise against it - its not the sort of thing thats going to be fun, and when you talk about having irregular sleep patterns, that very much means you have not recovered from jetlag and that is going to seriously increases the amount of danger on this trip - to both yourself and those with whom you would be sharing the road. 5 days is the minimum that I would recommend - but its up to you to decide what you'll do with that information.

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    Thanks everybody. I'll take 5 day trip to consideration, just so that we won't miss a flight back in case something goes wrong. Jet lag should not be a problem, since we would spend few weeks in SF and would have plenty of time to adjust.

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    we would spend few weeks in SF and would have plenty of time to adjust.
    If you had said that up front, I wouldn't have suggested you spend a day upon arrival to kick the jet lag. That still doesn't change my opinion that anything less than 5 days is possibly going to be uncomfortable and unsafe. I've driven 800 miles in one day, but not 3 or 4 of them back to back.

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    Default Why ?

    I understand you are looking at it as some sort of challenge but what I don't understand is why. If you are in SF for a few weeks why don't you cut that short by a few days and make this a memorable road trip and have time to stop and see a few places rather than pass them by in the dark.

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    Because its work trip, so we cannot freely decide the schedule. We can try to take a few days off just after completing the project instead of flying straight back.

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