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  1. Default drive to vegas from san diego or fly from la??

    Hi there,

    First off hi to everyone.its been great finding this forum, already given me alot of information that i need.

    Me and my girlfriend, plus one of my mates and his girlfriend are coming to the west coast on the 18th December until New years day. We have just booked our flights into LA, and flying back to England from Las Vegas. We've booked our flights with Virgin (Mainly cos we're all in the military and they do better rates).

    At the minute, our friends have already planned there trip completely, knowing exactly where they're going to be each day, and me and my OH are just looking at a few other options.

    The plan at the minute is to land in LA, pick up a car and drive straight to san diego. Spend until the 22nd in san diego (Cos we have chargers tickets) and then return to LA. Our friends are keen to go back to LA as they want to go watch the Lakers play, and then fly to Vegas. I on the other hand am happy enough not to return to LA and just head from san diego steadily to vegas, taking a few days to do the journey. Is there that much to see on the way, and is it a enjoyable drive or a little boring. Im not going to drive it for the sake of it, just for a change as ive down LA before.

    Im 24 and my girlfriend is 21, not that it makes much difference.

    Many thanks


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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Seeing as we are a road trip forum and we don't believe in "boring" as it's just a state of mind I would recommend driving. Why go all that way and miss the opportunity to see some more of the country ? From SD you could drive out to Palm springs and Joshua tree NP and head North to Needles and cross the Hoover dam, or even head across the Mojave preserve. With a few days you could head further East and spend a night at the Grand canyon South rim, a great spectacle. If non of those appeal a detour across Death valley's remarkable landscape is also an option. Of course there are others so I would get the map out and search the forums where you can get ideas on what may or may not appeal to you.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I might rethink your current schedule.

    Instead of driving straight to San Diego, why don't you explore the LA area first, then go to SD, then drive up to Vegas? I guess it depends upon when the Chargers game falls, but that would involve the least amount of travel time. (Driving from SD to Vegas, would likely be faster than driving back to LA and then getting on a plane, once you factor in airport waiting and security times.).

    At the very least, I'd recommend spending the first night in LA, just so you can recover from jetlag and the long flight before you battle a 2 hour + drive through LA traffic.

  4. Default Hi again

    First off thanks for the replies. The reason we're going straight to san diego is because of the chargers game being the following day. Not that worried about travel time to be honest especially if it only works out a couple hours extra. Just deciding if it is worth going back to LA over xmas, or whether to sack LA off and just drive over to vegas steadily. Ive done LA a few times but the OH hasnt so may just end up going back to LA.

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