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  1. Default Honeymoon road trip help!

    Hi guys, only just found this forum, so please bear with me!

    We are getting married next June, and would like to a road trip of sorts as part of our honeymoon. We are thinking of going from LA, to vegas, to san fran and clearly taking in all the sites in between

    The one thing I am struggling to work out in my mind is how long will all this take?!

    In particular as I seem to be going backwards, with most topics here starting in SF

    Is there somewhere on here that is going to give me an indication of timing. For example, if we wanted to go from death valley to yosemite, is that a days drive in itself and therefore should we be planning on getting there late in the day, so spnding the next day in yosemite, or is it actually a short one and we could drive and spend an afternoon in yosemite

    I know these are probably really easy questions, and no doubt asked a thousand times before so please point me to a previous post if its already been answered!

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    To get a feeling of timing, use Google Maps or other software to plan a route and add 20% to the predicted drive time to allow for stops and traffic delays.

    For example, the drive from the West entrance of DV to the East entrance of Yosemite is 197.4 miles, predicted 4 hours 9 minutes, via 190/136/395/120. So, allow 5 hours.

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    Default How long is a piece of string ?

    Congratulations on your forth coming wedding, Hello and welcome to the RTA forums!

    You will find lots of info throughout the forums with this very popular route and here are a few of our favorites. As glc mentioned you can get a good idea of travel time from a mapping program and adding that extra 20% but it's probably best to get an idea of how long you will be able to make available for the trip rather than trying to answer "how long do I need" as it's like trying to answer the question "How long is a piece of string".
    Yes, you could drive from Vegas, through Death valley and Yosemite to SF with just an overnight stop and 2 long days but you could also spend a fortnight in Yosemite on it's own and still not see everything. Have a look around and get an idea of how much time you have and when you have built an outline itinerary post it up and we can help to "fine tune" it.

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    If you decide to take the Death Valley route carry drinking water at all times.
    If anything, you can purchase bottle of it at most gas stations of course.

    Most common problems are tire blowouts from the hot asphalt (repaired tires are very vulnerable to this), and overheating,, even in June.

    If you find yourself low on fuel in Death Valley,, Rangers can open the gas pumps 24/7 and sell you fuel if the stations are closed.
    Hold that thought, but certainly fuel up before ya make the crossing.

    If you decide to drive over the Golden Gate bridge in SF I have a golden gate rule:
    The traffic lanes narrow from 10' wide to 8' and the tourist drivers are gazing at the spectacular views and drift in and outta their lanes.
    So eyes wide open there too if you don't want an incident.

    Congrats on your marriage.

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    Default Timing

    I find timing such an individual thing. Neither the mapping programs nor all of the information on this site are any help to me. It really all depends on what I see that interests me, and how much time I spend there. I might be driving along a road and see a cottage that really grabs my attention, and spend an hour or more, talking with the owner, finding out all the history, etc. That is one reason why I never book anything in advance.

    As for Death Valley, even in May (2007) it was unbearably hot, but the landscape so enthralled me that I spent two full days just driving around, exiting the car only to take photos.

    Congratulations on your marriage and best wishes for a memorable honeymoon.

    Lifey who just no longer tries to time any trip

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    Ok, following the replies, we have now had a bit more time to scope out the likely route and timings. Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

    Stay in LA for 2 nights, leave LA for Vegas 1 day mid July

    Hit vegas late that afternoon. Stay in Vegas for 2 nights. See a show, helicopter to grand canyon etc etc

    Then on to death valley for 1 night

    Yosemite for 1 night

    Lake tahoe for 1-2 nights

    San Francisco for 2-3 nights

    We 'think' this gives us no more than a day on the road at most, between each spot, and quite a chilled days driving at that, so maximising the time spent in each spot

    Should we look to extend any of the stays, or break up the drive a little more?

    Looking to do it in a 4x4 of some description, hertz rental

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    Default Looks good.

    Hi, your plan looks OK but a couple of things I would like to point out.

    Travelling from DV to Yosemite and then to Tahoe the following day is really not enough time in Yosemite, it is one of the most amazing places on earth. You could either take a night from somewhere else or continue through Death valley and stop in the Bishop area and then again the following night stop just outside Yosemite and continue to Tahoe the following morning.

    Just so you know, the helicopter trips from Vegas only land at the West rim of the Grand canyon on Indian lands and not in the National park from where all those famous pictures come from. I am sure the helicopter tour is still amazing but not like "being there." Personally I would prefer to drive to Grand canyon South rim from LA and then go to Vegas and leave Tahoe for another trip, but that's just me, it's your trip and your choice to make.

    If you want a 4x4 and don't mind paying the extra that's fine, but you won't need one on any part of your trip and the rental agreement actually forbids you to go off road.

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    In hindsight, I totally agree with your points on timing. Also really appreciate your input on the grand canyon. Had not appreciated the limits of doing the heli tour, however I think, for now, we will work on the basis of still doing la - vegas and some way of getting out to the GC for a day trip only

    Therefore, it could look a little more like this:

    La Vegas for 2 nights

    DV - 2 nights

    Yosemite - 2 nights

    Tahoe - 1-2 nights, but may drop for now and save for another time.

    Then SF for a couple of days

    WRT Yosemite - my fiance has her heart set on canoeing - doesnt necessarily have to be a canoing to a set place, it could be start and end in the same place over an afternoon. Is it possible to hire, or do people tend to bring their own?
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    Also, given the route of Vegas - DV - Yosemite, could anyone recommend any lodgings that would make sense?

    Would like to camp, but in a site that provides our equipment. Something like

    But on the other side of yosemite.!

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    Default More than a day trip.

    I think, for now, we will work on the basis of still doing la - vegas and some way of getting out to the GC for a day trip only
    To be honest you would be better off with the Heli tour than a day trip. You would be in the car for 10 hours or possibly more and only have a couple of hours or so at the canyon, It really is an overnight option.

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