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    Default East Coast. Boston to Washington DC

    I've just found this site and it's packed full of such useful information.

    We are planning our 2010 flydrive holiday and having explored the west coast a few years ago we want to explore the east next year.

    We were thinking of taking 3 weeks to drive from Boston to Washington DC taking in New York, Gettysburg and Amish country, Philadelphia, Charlottesville and Williamsburg on the way. We fancied Niagara Falls too but don't see how that could be included as it seems quite a detour.

    We don't want to spend all our time on the interstate and are hoping for some suggestions for other must see places to see inbetween.


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    Default Welcome!

    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    Since the direct route from Boston to Washington, DC is easily done in a day, with three weeks you could certainly fit in a trip to Niagara Falls without too much issue. You have a fairly decent high-level plan of where you want to go. Since you want to stay off the Interstates where possible I can suggest some of the route:

    From Boston: MA-2 to NY-2, connecting with US-20 west of Albany. This road will get you all the way to the Buffalo area where you can head to Niagara. Take a couple of days along the way and enjoy the drive. From there you can take US-219 South to the Southern Tier Expressway (I-86 to NY-17). It is Interstate but every time I've been on it there has bee little traffic and it is a fairly nice ride. Just be watchful for construction. This will get you back to New York City, and you'll have taken in a majority of the state of New York, including skirting the Catskills.

    Spend a couple of days in New York and you've got a plan for your first week.

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    Thanks for the quick reply. I've made a note of your suggested route and it great to get tips like this.
    I went on to google this morning and came up with a tentative circular route. It only comes to about 1350 miles and when we did a similar tour of the western US a few years ago we comfortably covered 3000 miles in 3 weeks.

    So how does this sounds so far

    Washington DC - Gettysburg - Harrisburg - Buffalo - Niagara falls - Albany - Boston - Cape Cod Area - New York - Philadelphia - Washington DC

    Flying from Ireland we have a choice of starting in any one of the 3 major cities

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    Default East vs. West

    Depending on where in the West you visited, you'll notice that in the Eastern states there tends to be less wide open spaces and a higher population density.

    That route is a good start. Pennsylvania has some quite enjoyable two-lane highways, notably the Lincoln Highway and the Grand Army of the Republic Highway (US-6). I recall US-219 being fairly decent with the exception of the Bradford area. It wasn't heavy traffic so much as a road needing some quite serious repair. That was a few years ago, however.

    You could also skirt the coast of Lake Ontario on your way towards Albany. Either way, you'll find that much of New York is farmland and makes for a nice trip.

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    Default East Coast America thoughts

    We are thinking of a trip involving stopping at the following places:-

    Lancaster County
    Harpers Ferry
    Colonial Williamsburg
    Washington DC.

    We were thinking of trying this over 2 weeks and flying on down to Orlando for a final week visiting the parks etc

    The mileage in the first part is relatively small compared with a western US trip we did some years ago but there is a lot to see in both Washington and Philadelphia.

    Can anyone advise if 2 weeks is enough or in fact too much time for the places we are considering?

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    I note that Midwest Michael has merged my post with one I created over a year ago in August 2009 and admonished me for creating multiple threads about the same trip.
    This new post is in relation to a new trip we plan for 2011 as the recession meant we were unable to travel to the US this year. We do not intend to include Boston, New York or Niagara Falls next year so my new question still stands - is 2 weeks enough time to get a good appreciation of the places I listed in my latest post.


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    Default remains the same

    You may have delayed your trip by a year, but the basics of it cover much of the same area, and thus the advice you've already been given for your trip is relevant both to you, and to those who want a complete picture of your trip before giving additional advice.

    That's the reason why we like all threads about the same trip together, why it was merged, and why we'd appreciate it if you would not start new threads about this same basic trip again in the future.

    Since all of the places you've listed are located within a days drive of each other, you certainly could do all of those things in 2 weeks.

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    The next question is how long should you spend where along the overall route. From your list, it looks like you're interested in history, both colonial and Civil War. I would recommend not spending time in Harrisburg, but making sure you allow two or three full days in Philadelphia, and the same in the Lancaster, PA area.
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